Furnace and AC Repair Martinez GA – Troubleshooting Your HVAC Ventilation Issues

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Are you coping with ventilation issues? The “V” in HVAC stands for ventilation, which is crucial for optimal air quality and comfort within households. It controls the amount of fresh air, prevents odor buildup, reduces moisture, expels pollutants, etc. 

Ventilation issues can be triggered by a myriad of causes, ranging from leaking ducts to dirty air filters. Some of these issues are easy to troubleshoot, whereas others are better handled by professionals. There are numerous experienced contractors, such as riversideheatandac.com, which are experts in the HVAC field. 

Have a look at the most common ventilation issues, how to troubleshoot them, and when to hire professional assistance.

Clogged air filters

Clogged filters are a common culprit of HVAC ventilation issues, given their job is to keep the air clean. Air filters eliminate pollen, dust, mold, pet dander, and pollutants coming from the outside. They can function optimally by being cleaned on a monthly basis, depending on their usage. When filters are full of debris, the airflow becomes weak, and uneven temperatures appear. 

Professional HVAC repairmen in Martinez can fix the problem by replacing the filters optimally after every 250 hours of use. These should be changed once every three to four months and even more frequently if living in a humid climate. There are smart devices that monitor the levels of air filter cleanliness, which can help you track these levels on a regular basis. 

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Dirty or leaking ductwork

The most frequent ventilation issues are found in the ductwork. Germs, contaminants, and dust circulate through the ducts and might make the air in your household dirtier than it already is outside. Regular duct cleaning is recommended for improving the air quality in your home while improving the efficiency of your system. Duct cleaning can be performed by professionals, as they will perform the job impeccably.

Leaking ductwork has a large effect on indoor airflow as well. HVAC system inefficiency usually stems from leaking ducts, as the average home loses about twenty to forty percent of air because of it. Improper insulation is also responsible for the amount of heat and cool air that escapes from the ductwork. HVAC professionals in Martinez can check the condition of your ductwork insulation and replace it if necessary. Click here for some tips on detecting leaks in ductwork.

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Ductwork blockages

Another cause of ventilation issues is the presence of ductwork blockages. Certain items can block the ducts in your home, thus preventing cooled or heated air from being properly distributed. Duct blockages usually involve loose insulation or dirt. Once again, an experienced HVAC professional from denver air conditioning repair can detect the root of the blockage and take appropriate measures for removing the dirt and replacing the insulation. 

Moreover, homeowners living in old buildings might deal with clogged ducts due to rodents and birds building nests inside the ductwork over time. When suspecting ductwork blockage, you should inspect the vents in every room for airflow by paying special attention to those that blow no air. While removing the debris can be done on your own, it might become tricky. When suspecting a leak, homeowners should look for holes and cracks while keeping in mind that most leaks are present where two ducts join. 

Vents have the potential to cause blockages as well. Such blockages are often induced by obstructions of furniture pieces or equipment placed right in front of the vents. Debris might also get stuck inside the vents and cause obstruction. Therefore, homeowners in Martinez are advised to check their vent locations before turning on their HVAC systems. Vent covers should be removed regularly to check whether the duct system is free of debris. 

Sometimes, it happens for homeowners to close some of their vents on a chilly day and then forget to open them again. Consequently, it’s no wonder the airflow in your household will be compromised. This issue, however, requires no professional knowledge to get fixed. All homeowners need to do is to check all the vents and open the ones that are closed. 

The bottom line

If you cannot troubleshoot the issue on your own, hire an HVAC professional to do it for you! If you’re in Riverside, click here for our list of the best AC repair specialists in the area who are ready to assist you.