Discover the Job Market Opportunities in Christchurch

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Can you imagine living and working in New Zealand for a while? In this post we will show you the job opportunities in Christchurch, the third largest city in the country, and explain why more and more people are looking to live there.

Are there so many job opportunities in Christchurch? The answer is: yes, there are spaces left over there! If you want to better understand this opportunity and know how to take advantage of it, keep reading this article!

Why would a New Zealand company hire me?

A very common economic factor in New Zealand helped to create a favorable scenario for foreigners who want to live in the country. What happens is that many qualified young people there graduate and seek opportunities in neighboring Australia, and those openings by companies need to be filled by someone – that’s where you come in!

The country presents opportunities in the most varied sectors: civil construction, agriculture (represents 44.6% of the country’s international trade), geology, scientific research, communication and information technology and technology applied to health are some examples. We will go into more detail below.

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What opportunities are available for work in Christchurch?

Christchurch is a city with approximately 400,000 inhabitants. According to the official website of the New Zealand Government, opportunities in the country, especially in the largest cities, are everywhere.


The New Zealand agricultural market represents a good part of the economy, accounting for almost 45% of all the country’s international trade. This market generates several job opportunities for students, including foreigners – the government promotes exclusive actions for Latin Americans who want to enter this sector.

Civil, mechanical and electrical engineering

The city of Christchurch stands out for having the lowest unemployment rate (4.2%) in New Zealand and for the heated job market, especially in the engineering field – it is a unique opportunity for those who are starting their careers.


Newly discovered by immigrants, tourists and international students, Christchurch is also one of the main gateways for young people who want to go to university and study English in new Zealand.

All this enabled the development of a cosmopolitan hub, with an incredible mix of languages, cultures and seasonings. With the arrival of these visitors, new job opportunities arise every day and move the tourism market in the city through hostels, restaurants, bars, etc.

Information Technology

Another promising market in New Zealand is information technology. In 2017, the country’s Economic Development Agency decided to search the world for IT professionals to meet a demand in the New Zealand market. The city of Christchurch, already known for being one of the financial capitals of the country, has also joined the dance, and it is not too difficult to find ads for HR companies seeking workers in this area.

Scientific research

There are endless opportunities for those who want to work with scientific research, especially those related to agriculture and geology. With the growth of oil exploration in New Zealand, there are more and more jobs for geologists who study oil and gas.

Technology applied to health

Another very heated market is that of machines and devices aimed at clinical procedures. Thanks to the export of this type of technology, many companies have settled in the largest cities in the country and heat up the economy, generating job opportunities for visitors.

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What do I need to get a job in Christchurch?

Although the job market is hot and with many job opportunities, the immigration process depends on some important factors. One of them, for example, is the mastery of English. But calm down: this is not an impediment. Below we will explain the differences in opportunities for those who want to live in New Zealand.

Work visa

Graduates looking for work in Christchurch or any other city will need to apply for an immigration visa to work in New Zealand. To hire a foreigner, the company needs to prove that no New Zealander was available for the position and, therefore, granted the visa to the immigrant. You can consult a specialized agency and check the necessary requirements.

Work permit for students

Exchange programs are the easiest and most practical way to study and work in New Zealand. In such cases, the immigrant receives a student visa with a work permit. It is an opportunity for those who have limited time between study and work, as well as being an excellent way to improve the language.


The education system in New Zealand has rules for those who intend to study and work in the country. The working hours will vary according to the study load. From 14 weeks of course, for example, the student has a work permit for 40 hours fortnightly. The student must be enrolled in a Level 1 school by the NZQA, which gives legal permission for the student to work for the duration of the course.

I am studying at a university in Brazil. Can I complete my course in New Zealand and work there?

Maybe yes. This exchange practice during the course is called sandwich graduation. You will be able to choose some subjects at a foreign university and spend a semester or two there. In addition to boosting your curriculum, you have the possibility to carry out academic work and internships in local companies, given that the program grants you a work permit on account of your student visa.

It is interesting to consult an education agency to find out about the necessary requirements.

Do I need to leave Brazil to look for work in Christchurch?

The best way to get a job in New Zealand is through an exchange program. The opportunity may be in the classroom, as the government-linked education agency works hard to attract foreign students to the job market – not to mention that networking with classmates can help even more.

The search can also be done through classifieds, websites, newspapers, HR agencies and advertisements directly on the doors of establishments, indication, such as restaurants, bars, factories, among others.

This information is useful for anyone looking to study or get a job in Christchurch, one of New Zealand’s most promising cities for those looking for personal and professional growth.