Finding the Best Rental Accommodation in Your New City is Now a Click Away.

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Written By Charlotte Miller

While moving to a new city, the biggest hurdle that you face is finding a new home. The brokers in the city can be stealing a fortune in the search process. Many people end up paying a lot of brokerages to end up living in a broken home. Let us discuss how easy it is to hunt for a new home in two major cities in India here. 

Finding rented flats in Mumbai:

If you are looking for rented flats in Mumbai, you should be aware that there is a very high demand for rental apartments in the city. Budget is an important factor to consider. Some of the high-end flats in Mumbai can incur a rent of Rs. 70,000 per month. Also, the apartment’s proximity to important places and the amenities determine the monthly rent.

Mumbai is a financial city, and it is also the second capital in India. Mumbai is known for luxurious houses, exceptional seafront, and delicious food. It is one of the most expensive in Asia. Finding rented flats in Mumbai and settling here is cost incurring. 

The cost of living index in Mumbai is about 29.28. The average rent of a 1 BHK apartment in central Mumbai is Rs. 40,000 pm. You should also submit a security deposit, generally 3 to 4 months of rent, with the owners. 

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Choosing the best rented flat in Mumbai:

Before choosing an ideal rented flat in Mumbai, there are a few things worth noting. You should find a home that is convenient and accessible. Mumbai has excellent connectivity with the entire city through a credible metro and local transit line, and Mumbai is jostling with people all day. Choose the area and the locality of the rented flat wisely so that it is easier to commute. 

Mumbai is also a crowded city. But you can find a local chawl to a gated community for rent. Choose your rented flat in Mumbai depending on your budget. Choose an apartment that is closer to work. Ensure that the apartment is close to convenient stores and other significant places. Choose an area with ample facilities, food courts, entertainment zones, etc.

Newbies find it hard to get rented flats in Mumbai. Even the minimum brokerage could be a heavy amount for first-timers. The brokers in Mumbai could be real estate Ninjas demanding heavy brokerage. If you randomly browse the internet, you will get a thousand results to get your head spinning. The best place to find rented flats in Mumbai is, and it is a great portal that lists rental accommodations area-wise. is an innovative real estate platform that offers the perfect suggestions for home seekers. Apart from rental apartments, also lists resale homes, new homes, plots, and co-living spaces. Strong research and analytics are the basis of its services. And it renders the best real estate services for its people.

You can find rented flats in Mumbai area-wise at You can also find the complete address of the property, the number of rooms in the home, and the owner’s contact details on the website. You only have to browse through the site and find your best-fit property instantly.

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Apart from Mumbai, can be used to search for a rental house in Hyderabad and other major Indian cities. Many young people look for houses for rent in Hyderabad, as the city plays a major part in the affordable housing segment. It is possible to find affordable houses for rent close to prime employment hubs in the city. Some of the IT hubs in Hyderabad are Hi-Tech city, Madhapur, and Gachibowli. But along with the IT and the ITES industry, the manufacturing industry is also alluring in the city. 

It is also home to several IT companies such as Microsoft, Google, and IT majors. Many people migrate to the city in search of jobs. This puts real stress on the housing sector. Instead of buying houses, people choose the rental house in Hyderabad as it fits their budget. It is also easy for them to vacate their homes as they move to a new city for jobs.

Hyderabad has the best connectivity features through all means of transport. You can commute within the city through the metro, MMTS, and bus transportation system. Thus you can choose a rental house in Hyderabad in any location, as the connectivity features are at their best. Houses at the city’s outskirts are generally cheaper than places at the centre of the city. 

Hyderabad is one of the safest cities in the country, and the cost of living is also cheap here. Many young professionals and couples book rental houses in Hyderabad to enjoy its ambiance, climate, and standard of living. The best places to rent homes in the city are Gachibowli, HiTech City, Kondapur, Pragathi Nagar Kukatpally, Kothaguda, etc.

You can easily book a rental house in Hyderabad through The website lists at least 3200+ independent houses for rent in different locations. You can use the filters available on the website to book the house in your preferred area and within the budget. The rents of the independent rental house range from Rs. 10,500 pm to Rs. 1,00,000 depending on the locality and the space of the house. You can easily filter the properties of your choice at You need not pay any brokerage, and there is absolutely no middle-men involvement in the process.