Easy Tips and Tricks to Cut Down Your Car Insurance

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Written By Berry Mathew

It seems like everything is getting more expensive these days, and California auto insurance is no exception. While it’s impossible to avoid the expense completely, there are ways to lessen the burden. Here, we’ll offer a few tips to save on car insurance.

Evaluate Your Driving Habits

Are you now working from home? Has your commute gotten shorter? The average person drives approximately 13,000 miles each year, and California’s insurers typically offer discounts to those who rack up fewer miles. Get in touch with your agent or visit https://iisinsurance.com/auto-insurance-in-chula-vista-ca/ to learn how your driving habits can help you save.

Put Policies Together

Thanks to TV and radio advertising, we all know that bundling insurance policies can bring significant savings. If you are underinsured or have several types of insurance, consider combining coverage to cut the cost. Umbrella, renter’s, and homeowner’s policies can often be bundled with auto insurance, which may help you save each month.

Shop Around

If you’re using the same insurer, you’ve been with for years, another company may offer better and cheaper options to consider. Buying car insurance can be a big hassle, and most drivers simply sign on the dotted line when their policies are up for renewal.

At Incorporated Insurance Services, we make it easy to find the best rates no matter what you drive. Our brokers will impartially shop the state’s insurers to help you save now and at renewal time.

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Look for Discounts

Speeding, running yellow lights, and not using turn signals may seem like minor offenses—but they can have major effects on auto insurance premiums. Furthermore, these violations can, in some cases, affect rates for up to two years after a citation is issued. By following the rules of California’s roads, you can find big insurance savings.

Consider Reducing Coverage or Raising Your Deductible

When money is tight, as it is for most of us, many drivers opt to increase their deductibles or lower their coverage limits without thinking of the repercussions. While these strategies can certainly cut costs, they’re not right for everyone.

If you’re driving an older vehicle and have comprehensive insurance, choosing liability-only coverage may make sense. Furthermore, those with savings can safely raise their deductibles, but people who live paycheck to paycheck may find it hard to come up with the cash when things happen.

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Be a Defensive Driver

In some cases, insurers offer discounts to motorists who take defensive driving classes. While the savings may only be available to seniors, teen drivers, and those with spotty driving records, these courses are helpful to everyone. Avoiding collisions and tickets will keep you safe and leave more money in your pocket.

Focus on Safety 

While garaging a vehicle makes it less vulnerable to damage and theft, it may also, depending on carrier selection, bring monthly savings. When purchasing a car, keep in mind that safety features like backup cameras, automatic braking, and blind spot monitoring may also yield discounts.

The Bottom Line on California Auto Insurance

Although auto insurance is a necessary expense, there’s no need to pay more than you must. By following these tips and obeying the state’s laws, you’ll save money every month. Count on the brokers at Incorporated Insurance Services to help you find the best California policy at the most competitive price.