Eliminating Chronic Stress: Everything You Need to Know 

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Stress is a typical reaction to fearful situations. It is normal for people to get stressed due to a variety of reasons in their day-to-day life; however, staying stressed for longer durations can be a problem. 

The worst part of the story is that people often neglect the symptoms of persistent and chronic stress, calling it mental exhaustion or fatigue. Well, chronic stress is a lot more than that. 

If you’re among those who remain stressed, you’re at the right place. Here’s a detailed guide on how you can eliminate stress from your everyday life: 

Regular Exercise 

Allopathic treatment has its side effects; thus, I prefer taking the natural route. One effective and inexpensive way to get rid of stress is regular exercise. It can eliminate stress by increasing the number of endorphins in the bloodstream. 

Endorphins are happy chemicals that not only alleviate stress but also uplift your mood and boost your energy. Plus, there’s no particular exercise for stress relief. All you need to do is increase your physical activity and you’ll be good to go.

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Herbs and Plants 

Yes, allopathic stress-relieving medicines have plenty of side effects, but it isn’t the same with herbs and plants. Several herbs and plants are loaded with natural healing properties, which make them a great treatment option for chronic stress and anxiety. 

If you ask me; I would recommend you try passionflower, envy mushrooms, ashwagandha, lavender, or saffron. They’re all amazing in what they do and I’m confident they’ll work wonders for you and that too, with no side effects.

Journal Writing 

Stress accumulates when you fail to share your thoughts and emotions with others around you. People usually feel reluctant to speak to others due to the fear of being judged; that is why many refrain from doing so. 

Journal writing is the best alternative to such a situation. You can write your worries and thoughts down without the fear of being judged. It will certainly take that pressure off your chest, leaving you feeling light and de-stressed.

Body Massage 

Body massage is exceptionally beneficial when it comes to stress relief. The gentle strokes of body massage release oxytocin in your body, reducing stress and boosting your mood. It will make you positively view your life. 

As a matter of fact, fatigue and body aches are two primary symptoms of chronic stress. Massage therapy can help you take care of both, so it’s like hitting several birds with one stone. Not to forget, it’s the most effortless treatment option for chronic stress and anxiety. 

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Ranking fifth is meditation. Meditation is a renowned healing process that has multiple benefits. It is not great for your physical and mental wellbeing but spiritual health as well. Plus, it’s another expensive and effortless treatment option on the list. 

In case of chronic stress, it’s recommended to meditate twice a day, once in the morning and once before bedtime. While it may not release stress as is, it will alter your perception of stressful situations, preventing the issue from recurring in the future. 

A Warm Bath 

They say sometimes soaking up in warm water is the best solution. The warm water relaxes you both physically and mentally, taking away your stress and anxiety as the drops of water fall into the drain. 

All you need to do is fill up the bathtub with warm water and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to it. After that, take a sit bath or simply lie down for 15-20 minutes and let yourself loose. The essential oils will further help relax you; hence, it’s a wonderful addition. It is also beneficial for those with muscle strains and edema. 

The Takeaway 

Winding it up, I want you to know that chronic stress isn’t something you should take lightly. You must try out the natural remedies mentioned above and if nothing works for you, you must consult a psychiatrist right away. 

Chronic stress, when left untreated, can turn into a severe mental health disorder like depression or bipolar disorder. Thus, it requires immediate attention. After all, there’s nothing more important than your health. Isn’t that right? Think about it, my friends!