Diamond Bangles You Need for That Extra Bling

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Bangles are probably one of the best accessories that draw immediate attention to your wrist. If you don’t like wearing watches but hate keeping your wrist devoid of any fashionable accessories, diamond bangles are beyond perfect. They look pretty similar to diamond tennis bracelets, but they’re somewhat different from them. Diamond bangles don’t have any clasps, and you have to glide them down onto your wrist. Furthermore, they’re sleek, lightweight, and outright gorgeous.

If you’re a fan of gold bracelets, you can visit this website for buying gold bangles having the latest design. But if you’re inclined towards a diamond bangle, you should definitely own one of the following bangle designs:

Traditional White Gold Pave Bangle

A white gold pave bangle is a dainty option you would not want to miss. These bangles are usually sleek and have petite pave diamonds placed along with the band. The small diamonds encrusted are precisely cut into a round shape, and their sparkle flawlessly takes over. 

Since these are thin bangles, you can wear them to your office, date nights, casual meets with friends, parties, and various other events. If you want variation, ask the jeweller to custom create this bangle in white or rose gold instead of the common yellow gold. You will surely love this variation.

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Station Diamond Bangles

Want a stunning bangle without overspending that gives tough competition to its high-end counterparts? If yes, a station diamond bangle is perfect for you. These bangles feature a set number of inset diamonds, a secure and safety clasp, and a stellar look. Primarily made using yellow gold, these thin bangles carry a contemporary touch, making them an absolute favourite of many women. 

You can wear these bangles anywhere you want and pair them with other accessories without much hassle. Though their primary design looks gorgeous, you can still ask for customization if you want.

Baguette Diamond Bangles 

Are you someone who always wants the best of both worlds? If yes, baguette diamond bangles have something special to offer. These bangles offer the much-needed variation in traditional diamond bangles by replacing the round inset diamonds with baguette-cut diamonds. The step cut of baguette diamonds offers a distinct charm and sparkle that separates it from other options under the same category. 

You can visit this website for buying diamond bangles featuring baguette diamonds. Alternatively, you can look for additional options and variations depending on your preference.

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Bigger Bling Diamond Bangles

The last on our list is bigger bling diamond bangles. These bangles feature more smaller-sized diamonds evenly placed throughout three consecutive rows instead of one. A closer look at this bangle will highlight that most of the diamonds are concentrated on top, adding more to the dazzle and shimmer. These bangles are usually considered high-end and can cost more on the higher side. 

But the aesthetics, versatility, charm, and timeless elegance make it worth the investment. You can look for options that comprise different shapes and sizes of diamonds in all three rows, taking the bling and sparkle a notch higher.

If you’re craving more choices, you can look for diamond charm bracelets, diamond designer bracelets, or diamond tennis bracelets, as they resemble diamond bangle a lot. You can also go ahead and a personal touch to each of these by placing a customization request.