Everything You Need To Know About Pneumatics: Products And Applications

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Written By Charlotte Miller

The Pneumatics category is one of the main action fronts of industrial production. Aiming to facilitate the operational line, it is an area that involves products and applications capable of using pressurized gas or air in different equipment in the industry.

Pneumatics items are widely used in the development of industrial automation processes and machine maintenance. This characteristic allows them to offer a series of different applications to different sectors of the industry.

It is possible to create pneumatic automation systems to increase industrial productivity at a lower operating cost from equipment for creating linear, angular, and rotary mechanical movements, compressed air applications in electricity, water and gas systems, truck brakes, and buses, among others.

Using Pneumatics to carry out industrial processes in an economical, practical, and safe way, using compressed atmospheric air through a compressor, results in several application possibilities in products such as cylinders, engines, machines, and tools controlled by valves manuals or solenoids.

Pneumatic products have been gaining more and more space in industrial automation processes, allowing applications in electrical or hydraulic systems and operating lines that require precision and the execution of repetitive movements through items such as Actuator which is cotton from valve actuators supplier, Connection, Cylinder, Cylinder Attachment, Quick Coupling, Filter, Pneumatic Grip, Lubricator, Hose, Regulator, Directional Valve, Pedal Valve, and Manual Valve.

How about knowing a little more about pneumatic products and the leading applications offered by them to the industry? Check it out below:

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Pneumatic Cylinder

The Pneumatic Cylinder is Actuator equipment capable of producing force when projecting quantities of compressed air in industrial systems, performing different tasks in the operational line through pressurized transport.

To carry out this pressurized transport safely and efficiently, the Cylinder requires Cylinder Fixation items, with the Pneumatic Claw being one of the most recommended products on the market.

The Pneumatic Grapple has a format similar to that of a tweezer. This characteristic allows it to be used as a Cylinder Clamp as it will enable you to hold and transport objects in an agile and precise manner as often as necessary.

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Pneumatic Valves

Pneumatic valves are present in industrial automation systems that involve the use of compressed air. Among the most common models on the market, we can highlight the Manual Valve and Pedal Valve variations, inserted in the solenoid valve category, and the Directional Valve used to control and manipulate the compressed air flow. The Directional Valve is a product of fundamental importance for pneumatic systems, being responsible for determining the direction of tight airflow, establishing its pressure, and choosing the pressurized airflow.

The Manual Valve, Pedal Valve, and Directional Valve models have quick coupling and are usually connected to the Actuator from valve actuators supplier through the connection to a pneumatic hose.

  • Air Preparers

It is essential to use air preparation equipment to make it possible to use compressed air in industrial processes. The Filter is used to remove inappropriate particles from the compressed air, while the Pressure Regulator directs the air at the correct pressure. Finally, the Lubricator is responsible for reducing friction in internal parts of the industry.

In a web shop, you will find a complete line of industrial Pneumatic parts for different application stages of using compressed air in pneumatic systems for industrial automation.

When applied in industrial engineering, like the electrical and hydraulic actuation fronts, pneumatics usually has applications aimed at industrial automation, aiming to increase companies’ productivity and competitive advantage, reduce operating costs and eliminate errors given the results on the production line.

Pneumatics items are among the most used in the industry, offering a series of advantages in their applications that have become indispensable for companies wishing to develop automation processes and optimize the operation of industrial machinery and equipment in different sectors that make up the line of products and procedures, as well as the administration of the industry as a whole.