Signs you Need an Estate Litigation Attorney

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Written By Charlotte Miller

No doubt you are trying to avoid getting into legal issues, but if you have no other option, you know you need to find a lawyer for your litigation issue. Firstly, let’s find out what estate litigation means.

If you are going through disputes related to property or estate, there are various legal proceedings that need to be taken. This is what estate litigation means and the one who handles such cases is called the estate litigation attorney. If you have been going through an estate dispute, but you are still not sure if it is time to hire an estate litigation attorney or not, here are the signs that are going to prove the same for you:

You have found out about the discrepancies in the estate your loved one has left you with:

There is a possibility your loved one had no idea about the discrepancies in the estate and probably they were not even legally sane due to which they have left you an estate with several problems. If this is the case, you cannot expect to fight the battle on your own. You would need support. A good estate litigation lawyer will help you with all the information you need to win the case and eradicate the discrepancies. Without a proper legal support, doing anything on the estate with disputes is only going to put you through several problems at present and also in future. 

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You are the one the property issue has been transferred to:

If your loved one has passed the property to you, but there is another party that is claiming to be an heir to the same, only an attorney can help you. No doubt it is going to be heartbreaking to drag your very own loved ones to the court, but if they are leaving you with no option, you can do nothing about it. With the support of a good lawyer, you’d be able to win the property and keep it for your future generation as well. Sometimes, it’s essential to teach stubborn loved ones a lesson, too and thus, even if you are not interested in a specific property, but if the loved ones are harassing you without a reason, a good lawyer can give them an experience to remember all their life.

You are not in contact with the other party:

If you are absolutely in no touch with the party that’s raising a claim on the estate your loved one has crowned you with, a lawyer can help in finding a mid-solution for the same. If you do not want to be rude to the party directly, the attorney will take care of the entire situation in a calm and patient manner.

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Your so called loved one is putting lawyer after lawyer against you:

No doubt you never wanted to get into the court or hire an estate litigation lawyer for yourself, but if your loved one has been pushing you to the limits and calling you to the court repeatedly for some estate dispute, a lawyer can help.

Hire the best estate planning lawyers serving Danville, Walnut Creek CA for your case if you want the result to be in your favor. If the estate or property you are dealing with deserves your time and efforts, you have got to focus on fighting for it. A good estate litigation attorney is going to help you with the right process. If you hire the right professional, half of your stress would be taken by the lawyer as they assure you about the results.