How do I Plan My Kitchen Layout?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

If you love cooking, your kitchen will be your happy place. But sometimes you find it boring instead. It can reduce your interest in cooking. So, you must design it according to your personal taste and color choice.

Finding it difficult to decide? Don’t know how to plan a perfect kitchen layout? No worries; here in this discussion, you will find some kitchen tiles design ideas to lay out your kitchen.

6 Kitchen Layout Design Ideas You Can Follow

Let’s explore some amazing kitchen layout design ideas.

Light Kitchen Tiles

When you want a classic simple design in your kitchen, you need to start with some basic muted colors. These kinds of colors elevate the spaces of your kitchen area. Also, when you have glossy surfaces, the lights will reflect more.

It also creates the illusion of a larger area. This makes your kitchen space feel more spacious and light. The light wall tile is a great addition if you wish to add your personal taste more than new and trendy designs. Well, the glossy ceramic tile can be ideal for your kitchen in this case.

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Bold Kitchen Countertops

Bold tiles for kitchen countertops are quite popular nowadays. Don’t spend money on granite stones. Get tiled countertops instead, as they give elegance and perfection to your entire kitchen.

But granite slabs are the best match for your kitchen or window shelf. Like any other stone, they are easy to shape, maintain and mold. Even though they are so easy to take care of, they will give your kitchen an elegant look.

Moroccan Tiles for Modern Backsplash

Moroccan tiles are getting popular in many houses, and it’s actually worth this hype. These kinds of tiles are famous for their elaborate pattern and design of great Moroccan art. These tiles are glazed vitrified ones. Besides, they are quite strong and have an aesthetic appearance. 

You can use Moroccan tiles in your kitchen as a backsplash or wall design. Their multicolored patterns will also impress you. Your kitchen will have a sophisticated appearance for a very long time. The best part of getting these is that they are easy to clean, sturdy, and come in contemporary designs.

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Monochromatic Design

Even if you keep your kitchen tiles simple, they will express the intensity and the vibrancy of colors. Like in Paris, considered the world’s fashion capital, you will get a stylish vibe. The vitrified effect provides that amazing glossy finish on your tiles.

The vibe you will get from there is incomparable. As soon as the light falls on your clean glossy tiles, you will want to stay in the kitchen for longer. You will get such a soothing vibe that you will start loving your kitchen again.

Brick Tiles for Contemporary Design

The brick tiles remind me of vintage buildings. It has gained popularity recently as it can express both conventional and rural vibes. Brick tiles combine attractive and artistic looks. Also, you will receive great durability that is going to last the longest in your kitchen.

These also come with great versatility. You can use these types of tiles for more than just floors. No matter if it is outdoor projects or walls, these are not going to disappoint you. You will get great color and depth in your kitchen when you add them there.

Avoid overpowering colors and patterns; instead, you can keep the floor tiles simple in design and light in color. The best spot for these is the kitchen wall. You will find a lot of brick tiles designed and sized for indoor and outdoor use that can enhance the beauty more.

Highlighter Kitchen Tiles

With their unique patterns and designs, they have become quite famous recently. Their wall concepts make your kitchen space stand out. You can use the highlighter tiles on one single wall as a decorative side. You can also do otherwise; a whole wall can be kept under their rule.

As a new approach to your kitchen design, these kinds of designs are gaining popularity in the market. These kitchen tiles with highlighters offer rich color payoff and are considerably simpler to clean. Especially when the color scheme is light or neutral, these tiles quickly brighten the kitchen even more.

To wrap up

If you create the layout in such a classy way, you won’t actually need to prove it; your kitchen will say that for you. But you need to make sure you take care of your kitchen tiles as needed. Also, keep them clean regularly; your kitchen surface will show how much you care about them.