What should I put in a beauty kit?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Makeup is always fun, but do you need three different concealer shades for only your undereye circles? Even we sometimes need clarification about different shades of lipstick that are quite similar because we get confused. An organized beauty kit is the first step in creating a perfect makeup look.

Since so many makeup products are available, deciding which ones belong in your makeup kit and which ones you can go without can take time. So, in this article, we have come up with some suggestions for you.

9 Essential Products to Add to your Beauty kit

Choosing your kit depends on your needs. Yet, there are some must-have products to always include in your makeup kit.

Let’s check those out:


Primers sometimes go unnoticed, particularly by cosmetic beginners. But they are an essential component of your makeup collection. Imagine it as skin-specific Photoshop. It covers up big pores, wrinkles, and other imperfections to help smooth your skin and give you a faultless base.

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Identifying the ideal foundation tone for skin color and minimizing the “cakey” appearance are two foundation-related essentials. You must check shades to understand which suits your skin tone best. Many companies now provide a broad selection of colors that go well with any skin tone. So, choosing the ideal foundation for your skin is now less confusing.


Concealer is essential whether you deal with acne, dark undereye circles, or any other type of blemishes. Depending on the amount you want to conceal, concealers are available in comprehensive and transparent foundation formulas. You should select one of those.

For a natural look, select a concealer tone that’s as similar as possible to the color of your foundation or BB cream.


Highlighters are available in multiple forms: powder, stick, liquid, cream, and hybrid powder/cream. Although these types have some advantages, we suggest sticking with powder or stick for newbies because they are the simplest to use.

Use highlighter gently over your nose, the tips of your cheekbones, the top edge of your upper lip, and just beneath your eyebrows for my flawless application technique. Even using your highlighter as eyeshadow is a multi-tasking option!

Lipstick Palette

Lipsticks boost confidence. It helps to cover up your pale look. So, while choosing lipsticks, you should choose a color scheme that features many corals, reds, pinks, and neutrals. The ideal pigments to use are matte and sheer.

Also, using a color range makes it simple to combine many different shades to get the ideal tone. Glossy tints and a lip balm are also advised to be included in your pack to add a little shine. You never know when you will need them!

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Lip liner and Eyeliner

Absolute needs! You can use cake liners, liquids, pencils, or gel. Make sure to have at least one brown and black medium to whatever you are comfier with. If you’re having a fun photoshoot, consider adding a pop color!

Eye Shadow Palette

You must wonder how to use eye shadow to create beautiful eye makeup looks. Hear us out: you don’t have to master a stunning cut crease or a dramatic smokey eye at your first attempt.

Simply blending warm brown eyeshadow into your crease can change your appearance while applying makeup. Follow step-by-step instructions from a video to apply eye shadow.

You should include an eyeshadow palette with a decent balance of mattes and shimmers in soft and striking colors in your beauty kit.


Blush is another important beauty tool for bringing color back to your face. Your face may appear flat and dull once your base makeup has been applied. Your skin will seem flushed and more attractive when you apply blush on your cheeks.

So, you never tried blush before? It’s okay; we recommend you purchase a blush palette when making a personalized beauty kit so you may implement many tones and combine colors to produce an original tint that compliments your features.

Makeup Remover

Of course, you need a makeup remover to remove all your makeup. You can eliminate dirt and pollutants that are clinging to the skin’s outer layer with the help of your makeup remover.

If you skip this step, your skin may get irritated or age more quickly. Those with any skin conditions may also suffer if makeup is not removed properly before sleep. So, it’s a must-have item to include in your kit.

Final words

A makeup kit can help you cover up your exhausted look anytime, whether going to a party after a long exhausting day at the office or after a long journey. So, it is convenient to always have a beauty kit with you. Hopefully, the article helps you reduce confusion about customizing your beauty kit!