How Does Asif Ali Gohar Balance New Research/Development With Sustainability

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Written By Berry Mathew

One of the sections of business that create a lot of waste is the research and development sector. This is due to the trial and error that occurs when looking for just the right match. New processes, systems, raw materials, and combinations are tried and tested. Several tests are done on each to determine all the characteristics, and then it is reformulated again to improve until it is able to meet the quality standards necessary. 

In his own business, Asif Ali Gohar has taken some steps to ensure that while they are researching new ideas and developing new systems, they are still looking at the sustainability of the process as well as the sustainability of the new product. This requires using less product for testing, smaller sections, and not doing large runs until it is expected to do well. Testing is improved whenever possible to have a lighter effect on the environment

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Creating a sustainable product means that it uses less energy, fewer resources, and resources that are renewable rather than those that are not. The small amounts that are used to create trial and prototypes is less than running full runs of products, so by doing the increased research and improving the sustainability of the processes, the company is improving their overall sustainability. In order to achieve this, hiring the most advanced and highly trained people available can improve results, lower costs, and boost sustainability. 

Sustainability is a broad term that encompasses many facets of business. It is in general a term used to describe a business or product that can be made on an ongoing basis without depleting resources to a level that is not maintainable. When speaking of the raw materials, this means that the resources are able to be replenished faster than they are being used, so the amount of rice that is growing will be more than or equal to the amount that is being used when discussing rice leather. It also includes the use of water, wheat, or other materials. Things that can be recycled, such as any water that is used in the process that can be cleaned and used again, makes it more sustainable than water that is used once and becomes dangerous and must be safely disposed of. Another key focus is to keep damaging or dangerous chemicals out of the local water supplies as well as not in the soil. The energy use is another consideration, and items that use less energy being consumed are more sustainable than items that use a lot of energy.

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While researching and developing new products can use a lot of energy, time, and resources, it is possible to do it in a mindful and specific way to limit the waste. Any improvements that are developed by this department are used to make the overall product and business to be more sustainable than when these processes are not improved or are wasteful.