How many hours of wedding photography do you really need?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Many couples looking to get engaged plan their budget carefully. It includes a selection of clothing and decor, a banquet and many other aspects. An equally important step is to find local photographers, but you can use for this.

Before ordering photography, determine the operator’s working time. This can only be calculated approximately. Some people think that it is necessary to capture every minute of their celebration, so they order the service for 12 hours. Other couples believe that highlights can be captured in as little as 4 hours. To understand how long it will take to take quality pictures, it’s worth exploring the issues below.


Needed time for making portraits on wedding

A lot of attention is paid to portrait photography. You can print and arrange such pictures in your home, give them to parents and friends. But do you know how many hours do wedding photographers work to take such photos? This should take within two hours.

It’s worth allocating up to an hour to make portraits of the newlyweds. The operator will devote time to the bride and groom, choosing the best angles. It will also take about 30 minutes for a photo with parents and other relatives. Perhaps you will make cards for each of your loved ones, because you rarely see some of them.

It will take another half hour to photograph your friends. The shots don’t have to be taken one after the other — the photographer can take a leisurely stroll during the celebration, gradually capturing all the guests.

For the ceremony

One of the most touching moments of any wedding is the ceremony itself. You need to carefully consider the time of its start. It depends on the position of the sun on the horizon. If, while taking the vows of loyalty, spouses or guests have to squint to see what is happening, the quality of photos will be average.

Choose the optimal direction for installing the arch under which you will stand. Arrange chairs so that the sun’s rays don’t shine on guests’ faces. When all the points are thought out, contact the photographer. The ceremony usually takes no more than 45 minutes, and all this time the specialist will take place.

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Reception time

Most of the time at a wedding is spent talking with guests. The couple will have fun, listen to solemn speeches prepared in advance. Loud music and everyone’s fun is a great time for a photo shoot. Frames with positive emotions will look great in a wedding album.

But the celebration also needs to be carefully planned. Many guests who don’t know each other may get bored. This will lead to silence and awkwardness, but this shouldn’t happen at the wedding. Perhaps you will contact a host who will guide the flow of your celebration in the right direction.

Many couples begin their preparation by talking to the person who is organizing the celebration. A professional will be able to indicate exactly how much time you need to:

  • meet the guests;
  • dance and play;
  • have a banquet;
  • throwing a bouquet.

The approximate time that can be called free (it includes entertainment, chatting with guests, toasts, and so on) is about three hours. The operator will have time to take a lot of beautiful and charming pictures, so they really need to stay with you in these moments.

Some couples prepare a surprise for their guests, during which they releaze pigeons, light fireworks, or have fun in other ways. An alternative option is a girl in a cake, dancing or children’s performances that will melt the hearts of even the most serious guests. Naturally, such events must be agreed with the operator in advance. Most often, they are held at the very end of the wedding to make the final accent in the celebration. Therefore, the operator’s working time will be slightly extended.

Total time of wedding photography you need

When you see how long each planned part of the wedding will take, you will understand how many hours of wedding photography you need. Contact Vanilla Brides to receive a unique offer — a service package that includes a specified number of hours of a photographer’s work.

Perhaps 7 to 10 hours will be enough for you, taking into account all the nuances. Don’t worry if you miss the set time. On many holidays, there are delays or inconsistencies that make the newlyweds worry. Even if the photographer finishes their work, and you have the final dance, which must be included in the paid time, ask them to stay for an additional fee. In this way you will get a complete picture of your wedding. You will enjoy the captured pictures and feel incredible emotions over and over again, plunging into the sweet memories of the past celebration.