How Much To Hire A Yacht In Bali

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Written By Berry Mathew

Life of luxury is everyone’s dream. Vacations Nigerians ic places with friends, relatives and loved ones on our beautiful planet earth is what everyone craves for. The seas, beaches and ocean are some people’s preferred choice of relaxation, vacation or touring. This cannot be done by a plane or car but a boat or yacht to have a better view. They are designed to accommodate you and keep you afloat throughout your period of vacation, relaxation or touring as the case may be.

There are several yachts with different sizes, designs on the outside and interior. The choice of which to go for depends on the number of people that will be in it and also the financial buoyancy of an individual. Looking for where to get yachts or boats  for your tour, vacation or relaxation? Visit boat and yacht hire in Bali. In this article, I will reveal what it costs to rent a yacht in Bali.

Haverage Cost Of Hiring A Yacht

To hire a yacht or boat will cost between USD 3000-3500. This money covers your food and drinks among others that makes your tour worthwhile.

What Does A Yacht Have Inside?

Oceans, seas, beaches are naturally occuring phenomena that’s very cool, quiet and serene that makes it a perfect spot for relaxation and touring. Yacht and boat services are very crucial as it requires not only safety but comfort, Value for money can not be over emphasized either.

Comfort features to expect in a yacht or boat include the following.

  • Beds

 Beds are provided in the yacht or boat for sleep and relaxation.

  • Sofas,chairs and tables

These are also provided for sitting, relaxation and placement of gadgets.

  • Wifi

 internet facilities are provided for easy communication of the outside world. As the saying goes, the world is now a global village. One can communicate with people around the world, carry out business transactions and work from his or her comfort zone.

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  • Food and drinks

 What makes yacht or boat cruising more fun is the food and drinks onboard. Chefs are always available to prepare mouth watering dishes and cuisines that makes the touring or relaxation a memorable one. Different drinks are also available both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages.

  • Musicians, dancers, DJs and other entertainers

are provided at request. Some may prefer it quiet while others are lively. It’s a choice.

From the above mentioned comfort features, you should at least know what to expect in a cruising yacht or boat.

Yachts and boats have the capacity to carry between 5-13 people aside from cabin crew members.

Comfort without safety is a half baked cake. Many safety measures are put in place to ensure tourist wellbeing and safety.

  • Life jackets

Life jackets are provided for emergency situations. This will keep someone afloat before a rescue team could arrive.

  • Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are available onboard should in case of fire outbreak from mechanical and electrical appliances or gas leaks from the kitchen.

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  • First aid

First aid consisting of emergency treatment kits and drugs should in case of injuries or other health related issues.

  • Security

Security arrangements are made with the local police or private security service providers to ensure the safety of tourists from kidnappers or other threats.

From the above mentioned safety measures and comfort features, you will understand that your wellbeing and safety won’t be trivialized .