How to Maintain Ostomy Bag leakage: Tips and Tricks

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Written By Berry Mathew

Now that you have carried out an ostomy surgery, you have some routine of special care and attention you have to pay to the stoma and the ostomy bag to prevent leakages, such that you can live in convenience as is common to other people without any ostomy bag. While the maintenance required of you involves appropriately emptying the ostomy pouch as when due or changing to new, you would need to purchase ostomy products which help secure ostomy bags in place to keep you going anywhere and be socially active. An example is the Stealth Belt colostomy products that are fastened around your waist and positioned to keep your ostomy bag conveniently out of sight, making you appear the way you would have wanted. 

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you different tips and knowledge to help maintain your ostomy bag and prevent it from leaking and other discomfort that comes along with an ostomy bag that leaks, irritation of skin and production of waste oddur.

1. Prioritize the health of your ostomy skin

It is not easy to manage ostomy skin because your pouch will lie on it. However, take the following proactive tricks to maintain your ostomy skin.

  • Consider the use of a ceramide-infused skin barrier, which has been proven to support skin health.
  • See your stoma care physician right away if you perceive signs of a peristomal skin complication.
  • Fix your skin barrier properly.

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2. Pay attention to the quality of the stoma draining

To prevent leaking stoma, take the following proactive measures before you fix the stoma pouch.

  • Before you wear any skin barrier, take a measurement of your stoma.
  • Fix the skin barrier, such that it fits well to where your skin and stoma joins.
  • Confirm no skin is showing between the skin barrier and the stoma.
  • If you open your stoma skin probably as you are about to change the pouch, apply stoma powder to any open skin.

3. Change your ostomy pouch on a regular basis. 

Overweight ostomy bag can exert pulling force to the skin barrier and cause leakage. So, it is important to change your ostomy pouch on a regular interval.

4. Properly fix your ostomy pouch while carrying out exercise and any other physical activities.

You can get your ostomy belt as recommended at the beginning of this article. Also, if you know of some clothing and accessories, you should wear them to make you look fit and sincerely fit for physical involvement.

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5. Take special care when removing your ostomy skin barrier.

To properly do this, take the following tricks.

  • Take it gentle and slow while attempting to change the ostomy pouch.
  • Peel the barrier from the skin in a gentle manner. Start from up to down. 

6. Find the right product mix for you

While there are numerous ostomy products out there, ensure you mix the right ones for your needs, as ostomy is unique to individuals. You should consult your ostomy nurse for the right mix of products best suitable for you.

What To Do If You Have A Leak

If you ever notice a leak in your ostomy system, the best thing to do is to locate the area of the leakage, then go to your ostomy health care or nurse to receive the appropriate treatment and amendment.