How To Get A Job In The USA As A Foreigner?

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Written By Berry Mathew

Are you wondering how to get a job in the US? The United States is a land of opportunities, but you can only work for someone there with a valid visa and specific permits. You first need to find a job you like in any state, get accepted, and then apply for the necessary visas. 

Necessary Visas and Permits 

Some of the necessary visas and permits you need to get a job in the US include the following:

A US Work Visa 

You can apply for a US work visa from the US consulate or embassy in your country or any nation close to you. Foreign nationals can opt for seasonal, temporary, or exchange worker visas per their needs. If you are in the United States but aren’t a citizen, you need this visa and a work permit (aka Employment Authorization Document) to work there legally. 

The type of work visa you need will depend on the work you are hired for. Your query for ‘how to get a job in America‘ can yield more information. 

A Green Card 

A green card allows foreign nationals to live and work as permanent US residents. Foreign nationals also have the chance to get this card via a Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, which you can apply online for. However, keep in mind the program chooses winners randomly. Over 50,000 green cards are given out annually.

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A US Work Permit 

Also known as an Employment Authorization Document (EAD), a US work permit is used to prove your eligibility to work in the US. This applies to anyone who isn’t a legal permanent resident and foreign nationals applying from their country. You need an EAD and work visa to work in the United States.

A Social Security Card 

All non-American citizens need a social security number to work in the US after an employer from the country hires them. For that, you need to complete an I-9 form. The US government uses this document to assess the eligibility of candidates, so it should be accompanied by supporting documents. You don’t need to fill out the I-9 form if you are self-employed.

Determine If Your Academic Credentials Are Recognized In the United States

Depending on the field you want to work in, you will require specific certificates, diplomas, and degrees. In some cases, these will be enough, but only in some cases. For instance, if you want to work as a doctor or any other healthcare specialist, you need a medical degree recognized in the US. 

Similarly, if you want to work in a pharmacy, you need a diploma equivalence, and if you want to find employment as a lawyer, you need a license to practice with the US State Bar. To determine if your education is valid, get a foreign credential evaluation. 

The best foreign transcript evaluation service can help you achieve the US equivalency of your studies. This includes admission and academic credit transfer to US colleges and universities. You can also confirm your results first before the official report is generated. All recognized credentials are evaluated and included. Contact your receiving institution to determine the type of foreign high school transcript evaluation you need, such as course-by-course (for university admissions) or document-by-document (for immigration or work permits). 

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The US Job Market – Industries You Can Apply To 

Job sectors in the US market that get a high number of foreign candidates include:


Almost 80% of American citizens work in service. These include banking, media, information, communication, business, trade, and transport sectors.


US industries popular with foreign job seekers include the chemical, food, medicine, technology, oil, and software sectors. 

High-Tech Sectors

Silicon Valley gets thousands of foreign job applications annually, so it is little wonder why it is considered one of the best industries to work in. You can apply to Apple, Google, Facebook, Adobe, and more. 

Eligibility Requirements for US Employment 

To work in the US, you need to have the following:

  • A bachelor’s degree from a reputed university in their country of origin
  • A valid ID card
  • Relevant work experience in your field
  • Strong English language writing and speaking skills
  • Capable of shifting to the US
  • Personal and professional references from relevant employers
  • A work visa and valid passport

What to Expect In a Transcript Evaluation Report 

Besides searching for options on how to get a job in the USA, make sure the evaluation service you choose is reliable and offers service guarantees. Your transcript evaluation should include the following:

  • The name of the transcript and last institution
  • The status of the institution
  • Attendance and degree award dates (if any)
  • Field of study and its length
  • US equivalent degree, GPA, and semester credits
  • Entrance requirements for each course

So choose wisely.