Why Custom Software Is Great For The FinTech Industry

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Written By Berry Mathew

The FinTech market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 23.58% from 2021 to 2025. FinTech is changing the way businesses manage their finances. Digital payments and e-wallets are now standard practice for banks, financial institutions, and e-commerce providers. As a result, FinTech app development services are taking over the financial industry.

While cashless transactions are quite common, peer-to-peer lending and Buy Now Pay Later alternatives are the most forward-thinking FinTech innovations. FinTech software development company that simplifies interactions between people and allows institutions to reach a larger audience is increasingly available.

Before making the proper decision for your software company’s needs, regardless of the type of software you are looking for, examine the direction of your organization, scalability, long-term and short-term goals.

When selecting the software for your Fintech project, you must consider the most important features, such as functionality, adaptability, security, a software provider’s expertise for Fintech projects, support, and maintenance.

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Here are 5 reasons why custom software development services are an excellent choice for FinTech app development:


Custom software enables you to leverage the most innovative and cutting-edge IT development solutions to tackle specific company tasks and difficulties. A trained development team can swiftly adjust to all of their customer’s requirements. This collaboration method aims to improve the performance of the future software product while being fully compatible with its business model. Furthermore, the buyer may be confident that when the job is completed, they will be the exclusive owner of the product, with a 100% assurance that no one else has the same solution.

Increased Security 

Because of its broad generality, template software solutions are more sensitive to negative outcomes. This happens because they are frequently made public. Custom software, on the other hand, is first focused on the needs of a single customer. It means that it will function in a certain company and will give a better level of security against external causes by default.

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Increased efficiency 

The customized software provides reliable technical and general support from a team that has been engaged in the creation of the Fintech solution since its inception. Fintech professionals and developers are always available to assist with any issues that arise during the construction and operation of the system.


FinTech is essential for businesses, banks, and financial institutions to stay competitive. As more companies enter the FinTech environment, organizations must undergo FinTech transformation to meet customer expectations. Blockchain, for example, is quickly becoming a popular technology for smart contracts and transactions. Analytics ensures that people make the most of their preferences. Robo advisers are becoming more popular as people want quick investment guidance.


Modern businesses evolve quickly and frequently shift directions of activity, quickly reacting to changing market trends. Off-the-shelf software is typically not scalable and thus useless. Custom software development takes into account future modifications and tasks that the company will have to tackle.

So, a custom software development company such as EVNE Developers https://evnedev.com/industry/edtech/education-software-development-company/ will be beneficial to any financial organization. This is because a business like this will help you build a technology-driven strategy, encourage digital transformation in your organization, offer consulting services, increase overall efficiency, help with the development of your digital infrastructure, and even reduce spending.