How To Increase Online Privacy With Virtual Phone Numbers

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Written By Charlotte Miller

With the increase in fraudulent activity, privacy has become one of the most important things to internet users. These days no one wants to receive spam calls and text messages or find their personal information on the black market. That is why people have started to sign up for websites and applications with virtual phone numbers to receive SMS. Such a service allows hiding real identity and protecting it from being compromised regardless of what technology is used for this purpose. Find out its advantages and how to get a virtual number in minutes.

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Unavailable for tracking

Tracking a phone number is a difficult task. It requires using special technologies and hardware. There also should be a good reason and permission from the relevant state authorities to carry out such actions. But in the case of virtual phone numbers, it all does not make sense. They operate in their own network so it is not possible to track them no matter what.

In addition, virtual numbers have a static location. But even if it was dynamic, it would not change anything as it has nothing to do with the movements of the user. Also, there is nothing wrong with using virtual phone numbers from other locations while located in one place. Let’s say, those who live in the US can use numbers from Greece, China, and other countries. It is not restricted and is even recommended in order to preserve more privacy and anonymity.

But there is one thing to keep in mind when going this way. Some websites and applications, especially such popular ones as WhatsApp, Telegram, Amazon, and others, compare the country of origin of the phone number with the location of the person who uses it. So it is better to enable a VPN trial or proxy and connect to the corresponding server while using virtual numbers in order to exclude the risk of getting an account blocked for security purposes.

Cannot be texted as well as called

Virtual phone numbers for bypassing OTP are only supposed to receive verification codes from specific applications. There is no way for a regular person to call or text it as it is simply not available for this on the technical side. So it is not necessary to worry about virtual numbers getting leaked and falling into the wrong hands. It will not lead to becoming the target of attacks by spammers and scammers.

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Provide no personal information about the user

This is the main advantage of virtual phone numbers in terms of increasing privacy on the web. For better understanding, it will be right to divide this one into several points. With that said virtual numbers:

  • Do not require providing any sort of personal data. It takes only to create an account on a specialized provider platform in order to obtain and activate a virtual phone number.  Due to this, there could not be any connections with your personality whereas the number looks like a set of random digits that do not have an owner.
  • Do not leave traces on the internet. Real phone numbers can get us a lot of data about their owners by exploring them on the web and help to find profiles of the person on social media sites and instant messengers. There is no such issue with virtual numbers which have been never used before adding to the stock and leave no traces on the web.
  • Do not save any user data. Unlike the case with regular mobile phone numbers, there is no information being collected and saved on mobile operator servers when using virtual numbers. Incoming and outgoing calls as well as text chats: all this data stays hidden from unwanted attention.

Thus virtual numbers can be used without fear of being exposed. It is simply not possible until you provide some personal information on your own by, for example, filling out a profile with a real first and last name or photo.

Obtain a virtual phone number easily

Getting a virtual number is pretty easy. You do not even have to go anywhere in order to perform this task. Such a tool is obtained and used over the internet through special online services like SMS-Man. This platform offers virtual phone numbers in more than a hundred countries and the opportunity to receive with them verification codes for signing up from all the currently popular websites and applications. In order to obtain one, it is necessary to:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Replenish balance with credits in a suitable way.
  3. On the start page select the mobile operator country along with the website or application that you are going to register on and purchase a virtual number with chosen parameters.

That is it. You do not have to do anything else. Now just use the purchased virtual phone number when signing up for a selected online service and thereby become more private online.