Top business trends for 2022 and 2023

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Written By Charlotte Miller

After the strong impact caused by the pandemic and a period full of uncertainties, the market is beginning to show signs of what business will be like from now on. Sebrae-PR made a survey of what should be a trend this and next year.

1 – Music Industry

Music plays a huge role in the business industry. If you check out, music videos are actually most viewable on the whole internet. If you love creating music, audio streaming services like SoundCloud can help you a lot. With SoundCloud you can earn money from views on the platform. So don’t forget to purchase soundcloud followers if you plan on starting a musician career.

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2 – Diversity and inclusion

The inclusion of minority groups, previously little noticed or served by the industry, is one of the great demands of today’s consumers (even those who are not directly part of these groups). What is expected is that companies demonstrate, in addition to speeches, prepared in practice to deal with diverse audiences.

3 – Transparency

Attendants who follow consumers in physical stores or “loyalty programs” with obscure clauses and very high interest rates are solutions that are no longer welcome.

4 – Humanization

It is necessary to always be attentive to the needs of employees, from health conditions (physical and mental) to experiences in the work environment, in order to implement improvements and offer more adequate support. Let’s also talk about the tech trends that can help businesses in the future:

Cybersecurity:  Also known as information technology security, it is a system of protecting computers, networks, programs and data against unintentional or unauthorized access, alteration or destruction of the same.

Speech Analytics:  Solutions related to critical business issues such as customer satisfaction, experience and problem retention, operational effectiveness and sales and marketing effectiveness.

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. Autonomous Cars:  Land vehicles for transporting people or goods without the use of a human driver. With the integration of a set of sensor technologies, control systems and actuators to analyze the environment and determine the best options for action and execute them in a safer and more reliable way.

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Telematics and Spatial Connections:  Adequate combination of technologies associated with electronics, information technology and telecommunications, applied to communication systems and embedded systems. For the study of techniques for the generation, treatment and transmission of information. Includes space-related applications.

Nanotechnology:  Creation, manipulation and exploration of materials with nanometric scale (10 to the -9), through atomic restructuring. Machines and equipment that will enhance the manufacture of safer, more durable, intelligent and much smaller products.

Biometric Authentication:  Technologies that measure and analyze features of the human body, such as fingerprints, retinas and iris, voice and facial patterns, and hand measurements, for authentication purposes.

Quantum Computing:  Execution of calculations making direct use of quantum mechanical properties, such as: superposition and interference. Time-efficient algorithm resolution.

Quantified Self:  Self-knowledge through numbers. Self-monitoring.

Silver Economy: Economy  market aimed at age groups between 50 and 70 years old.

Faced with these innovations, what would you say? Which technology will change your job, your company, your life?