How To Prepare For Drug Detox – A Comprehensive What To-Do Guide

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Written By Charlotte Miller

If you are battling a drug addiction, you’ll want to get help as soon as possible. One part of this process is a detox. This guide will show you how to successfully prepare for one.

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A drug detox is one of the more challenging parts of the treatment. You can be able to get through this whether you’re in the early or late stages. With that said, let’s take a look at the following:

Choosing a detox facility

The detox facility where your treatment begins depends on your needs. It may also depend on certain factors. This includes how severe your addiction may be.

If you are in the late stages of addiction, you may need to visit a Florida drug detox inpatient facility. Here, you will have access to medical professionals, therapists, and other professionals. While your addiction can yield the potential of severe withdrawals, you will have the medical team treat you accordingly should something arise.

This is the best option since in-home detox can be the riskiest option. Plus, there may be fatal consequences that may arise. Plus, you also risk relapsing as this happens and potentially dying from an overdose.

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An outpatient detox facility can apply to those who are in the early stages of addiction. The setting will be more laid back. However, you may be mandated to do things as outlined in your treatment plan.

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Determine the funding options

Your treatment for addiction will not be cheap. That’s why it is important for you to consider options in terms of funding. You can pay the expenses out of pocket, through medical insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or other options.

There are several options that you can consider. Decide which one is the best option for you going forward. Even if the funding may be lacking, getting the help you need should still be the plan.

Payment plans are available depending on the facility. Be sure to do your research on the best options based on your finances. But keep in mind that your needs for certain treatment may supersede that.

Make changes to your diet

This is one of the lifestyle changes you can make aside from seeking treatment for your addiction. You can switch up your diet to ensure that the detox will be easier. On top of that, it will also make up for any damage or losses to the neurotransmitters that had occurred due to not being able to eat regularly due to addiction.

The sooner you get started, the better. Not only will it make your detox easier, but it will get you on a headstart towards a healthier life. Plus, the withdrawals may not be as intense (even without MATs).

Make arrangements with your job and family

When you are planning on getting treated for addiction, you will need to make arrangements to take a leave of absence from your job. You’ll want to do the same with your family in terms of arrangements for your home as well. If you have pets, designate someone to take care of them for you.

If you have children, you’ll want to put them in the capable hands of someone in your family. This can be your spouse, parent, sibling, or any other member. You’ll want to have peace of mind knowing that you have everything set and ready to go before you detox.

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Take care of any financial or legal issues

If you are currently paying bills, see if an automation plan can be done. Or you can designate a member of your family or a friend to do the payments on your behalf. Your legal issues can also be taken care of through your lawyer, if need be.

You’ll want to tie these loose ends before your treatment. This way, you have less distractions to worry about.

Bring the essentials

This includes clothes, toiletries, hygiene products, any medication you may have, money, and a notebook or journal. Be sure to go over the checklist your treatment facility has provided. Make sure you are not packing any prohibited items that they have listed.

Spend time with your family

This is a key part of your preparation. You want to spend as much quality time with your family as possible. When you are in treatment, you may see them for a limited time.

Do your part to make the most of your time with them. One of the reasons for this is that your living arrangements can be changed due to your treatment plan. For example, you may need to live in sober housing for a certain period of time.

Depending on where you live, there may be rules and regulations regarding visitation. Just because you are in treatment doesn’t mean you will be deprived of your family. Sometimes, you need the privacy to take good care of yourself and focus on your treatment.

Being apart from your family can be a painful thing. But know that this is part of the journey. Your best reward after your treatment will be spending more time with them.

Plus, you’ll be living longer and have all the time you want with them.

Final Thoughts

If you are in the process of getting treatment for your addiction, a drug detox is part of the process. It may be one of the most challenging parts of it, but know you have what it takes to get through it. It’s important to prepare for it before it happens.

Your addiction will be conquered if and when you follow your treatment plan. If you need help, now is the time to get it. Contact Infinite Recovery for more information on how you can start as soon as possible.