​​4 Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy While on Summer Break

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Written By Charlotte Miller

While most people see summer as a chance to relax, eat some sweet and salty foods, and an excuse to stay inside and beat the heat with some indoor activities. However, if you are the type of person who wants to stay fit and healthy while on their summer break, you’ve got some things you can do to avoid the temptations of summer and ensure that you can keep your beach body going throughout the summer and into the rest of the year!

1. Have Healthy Versions Of Classic Summer Treats

Summer often means one thing for people who are outside in the heat: ice cream! If you are outside in the hot weather and are in need of a sweet treat to cool you off, then you don’t have to despair that you are missing your chance at eating a sweet frozen treat. Frozen yogurt, gelato, sorbet, and popsicles can be healthier alternatives to store bought sugary treats. Plus, they taste just as good and you might even find some flavors that you enjoy better than ice cream.

Additionally, you can also try to make homemade frozen treats yourself. There are plenty of recipes for fruity and frozen treats that don’t involve anything more complicated than an ice cube tray and your freezer. Plus, you know what is inside of the treats you make yourself, which makes it very easy to make them healthy.

You can also do this with other summer treats and classic meals as well. Hot dogs and hamburgers can be made healthy by choosing different ingredients and lightening up on some of the toppings and condiments for example, and instead of stuffing yourself until you are full you can choose to have some smaller portions.

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2. Find A Way To Workout

No one wants to get out in the summer heat to do traditional workouts, unless you are really into working out and will do so regardless of the weather. However even if the heat makes you feel like you are melting and you can’t even conceive of stepping outside for even one second longer than you have to, then at least try to find a way to work out.

You can choose to buy a Pilates Reformer Machine to workout at home or in your comfort zone. It will help you to improve and maintain general physical fitness and it is an amazing way to shape the body, make it flexible, and balance, which in turn enhance posture, and mobility.

Even if you just do push ups in between Netflix specials, jumping jacks at the top of every hour, or even making sure to to stand up and stretch between all the summer siting you might want to do, some movement that is also consistent is going to be perfect for you to keep yourself fit.

You can even go to the gym during the cooler hours of the morning and evening if you really need to get more than bodyweight workouts in, in order to make sure you aren’t spending a ton of time out in the heat.

3. Find A Friend And Workout With Them

If you are having trouble motivating yourself to workout alone, then chances are you can at least try to workout with a friend. Find a gym buddy or someone else in your life who is just as dedicated to taking care of themselves as you are, and workout with them. They will be able to motivate you whenever you need to be motivated and you will be able to do the same for them. Plus, you two might be able to do some exercises together that neither one of you could do alone.

Or you can continue to work with your local gym as well, going to every class and working alongside other people who are dealing with the heat just as much as you are. It can help you want to keep working out, and it can also ensure that you form some bonds with the people who continue to come to the gym as well.

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4. Plan Active Trips

While most people want to plan summer trips where they lounge around and relax, if you want to show off your men’s athletic wear and your beach body, then plan some trips where you can get some activity in. Walking along the beach, going for hikes, biking a trail. There’s plenty of different summer vacation ideas that can have an active component as well, and if you can maintain your fitness while out on a vacation you can maintain your fitness anywhere.

Plus, it will give you and your families more memories to have whenever it comes time to look back on your vacation and you can talk about all you did, and not just how beautiful the sights were. 

While staying fit and healthy during the summer can be hard, you can do it by making some modifications to typical summer fun activities. Then you can look at yourself when the fall comes around and know that you did your best to keep your body looking good!