Ideas for a Fun Family Weekend

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Do you often get out and about as a family? Spending quality time together doing things as a family is a critical part of a healthy and happy family life. Sometimes, however, it can start to feel as though you’ve exhausted every avenue. Hopefully, the following ideas for fun family activities will inspire you to explore more events in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria or other state or territory where you live or find yourself for any period of time.

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  1. Take in Local Events and Sights

Get out your events calendar and start seeing what’s going on in your local area in the coming days and weeks. Many of the best and most family-friendly events happen at weekends, and will often go on for the whole weekend, giving you multiple opportunities to visit during your two-day rest period. 

What’s so good about events anyway? Besides getting to spend time and create memories together as a family, you’re also actively supporting your community, and setting a good example for your own kids to do so after they grow up and have kids of their own. Kids can discover new hobbies, make new friends, and even get inspired about their own future and what they want to do in life.

  1. Visit an Amusement Park Together

An amusement park might seem a bit old-hat to some, but it’s still one of the most ideal ways to spend a family day or weekend out. Besides spending quality time together outdoors, away from screens and video games, you can also get ‘high’ together on all the adrenaline-fueled fun as you ride roller coasters, bumper cars, log flumes and more.

Riding a thrilling amusement park ride together between, say, a father and son, can actually be a very powerful bonding experience for them. In sharing that experience, it brings them closer together and creates something that is uniquely their own, even if it’s just a shared feeling of excitement in that moment.

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  1. A Good Hike!

If you want to save some money, get the kids some exercise, but still have a fantastic family weekend, then why not just make it a simple hiking and/or camping weekend somewhere? Australia is packed with amazing places to take a family hike, and in a world where we’ve all been cooped up indoors for months in lockdowns, a good hike is exactly what every family in the country really needs.

  1. Day at the Beach

Most Australian families live within walking or short driving distance from the beach. A good weekend spending time at the beach is still therefore a great option. It’s a way for your kids to sharpen their swimming and surfing skills, as well as a good chance to catch some sun, enjoy the sea air, eat some fresh seafood together and generally just appreciate this amazing place we call home!

  1. Family Sports

If money is a bit tight, and you have a big enough backyard, then putting together some family sports events to play together is another lovely way to spend a weekend. If your own yard or garden isn’t big enough, then head to the park together to get some more space. You could play cricket together, or baseball, Aussie Rules, touch rugby…there’s no end to the choices. Even just tossing a frisbee around is a lovely day spent exercising, and basking the collective energy of all those lovely endorphins.

  1. Family Puzzles and Games

For something to do in the evenings or when the weather doesn’t permit an outdoor activity, how about you exercise the family brain cells by getting together to work on a jigsaw puzzle or another family puzzle activity? This might feel positively “ancient” as an activity option, but believe it or not, jigsaws and puzzles generally are back!