10 Animation and Motion Graphic Trends To Look Out For In 2022

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Written By Charlotte Miller

In today’s world, motion graphics are everywhere. They are used in commercials, movies, apps, and more. Motion graphics are so popular because they are very adaptable and creative. No matter what the project is, there is a motion graphic that can fit it.

Motion graphics are also very engaging. They can grab a viewer’s attention and hold it. There are excellent motion design services that can be perfect for commercials and other advertising. If you want your project to stand out, consider using motion graphics.

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10 Popular Animation Trends

When it comes to animation trends, 2022 is shaping up to be an exciting year. One of the most popular trends is 3D animation, which creates realistic and lifelike images.

There is no denying that motion graphics are one of the most popular forms of visual communication today. These days, they can be found anywhere, from small animations within apps to full-length commercials and movies. What is so great about them is their adaptability and creativity.

No matter what the message is, there is a good chance that it can be conveyed through motion graphics. Moreover, they can be tailor-made to fit any situation or context, and they are always relevant and engaging. It is no wonder that so many businesses and individuals rely on motion graphics and 2d and 3d animation services to get their message across. Motion graphics are king in a world where visuals are more important than ever.

This type of animation is often used in movies and video games, and it is also becoming increasingly popular for commercials and other types of advertising. Another trend gaining momentum is motion graphics, which uses graphic design elements to create animated sequences.

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1) 2D and 3D Animation

These days, 2D and 3D animation service providers are using both technologies as the viewers like to watch the animations of a mix of both the technologies. Motion graphic is becoming popular for online ad, commercial films and at many places where anyone can also avail graphic design services.

2) Kinetic Typography

Traditional typography is limited to the static arrangement of letters on a page. On the other hand, Kinetic typography brings the text to life through motion and animation. This allows for more creative and expressive use of typefaces, which can convey a wide range of emotions and messages.

3) Glitch Effect

When the animator wants to test any defect that they do not want to appear in the actual video at any cost, then they can use this glitch effect. 3d animation services use the glitch effect to detect all anomalies or possible glitches in the animation. This can show all possible disruption or digital noise that can be avoided later.

4) Isometric Shapes

Motion designers use isometric shapes to give a 3D look to 2D animations. These days games and apps use isometric shapes. Some apps like Spotify use these shapes to give a natural look to the animations.

5) Liquid Motion

Liquid motion gives water-like motions and uniformity in the animation. The videos can have animated ripples and waves flow in and out to give a liquid or wave-like effect. 

6) Morphing

Morphed animations are utterly transportive, sleek and streamlined. Motion graphics can give vibrant displays to the animations. Like in any animation or picture, the city light effect can highlight significant points of the place. Graphic design services use the morphing effect to make dull pictures live.

7) Animated Collage

Everything, including collage, animation or any other digital footage, can be used to create the animated collage. The outcome of the image collage can convey the story. This can be used to create stories and events through graphic design and motion graphic services.

8) Broken Text

Motion graphic designers like to play around with text these days. They can give an aesthetic and poetic look and feel to the text that the clients or audience appreciate. Some 3d animation services have a fantastic collection of tools to make the text awesome.

9) Animated Logos

You might have noticed animated logos in many places. Many giant corporations and businesses are using new, stylish and animated logos for their service. These logos are designed to capture the audience’s attention, and animated logos are usually created to make them memorable and unique.

10) Seamless Transition

Motion graphics are popular due to their sleek, smooth, captivating, seamless and colourful presentation. The seamless transition provides unstoppable peace of motion and a stunning product. You can find many animations with seamless and smooth transitions.


There are experts in creating innovative and super-appealing motion graphics for brands. They can even make one for you and take you through the entire animation process, which is seamless. You will have an idea of how beautiful it is to have a visually compelling motion graphic by your brand’s side.

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