Is It Time to Upgrade Your Payroll System?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

If your current payroll system is struggling to keep up with the constant attention your payroll demands, it may be time to consider an upgrade. For businesses that use manual processes, this could mean going digital. For companies that already use software-based solutions, this could mean considering alternative solutions. Running payroll successfully requires achieving the maximum level of accuracy and efficiency, so it’s vital that you choose the perfect tool for the job.  In this short article, we’ll be taking a look at stand-alone solutions: what they are, why they’re hurting your business, and what you should be using instead!

The Problem with Stand-alone Solutions

The main disadvantage of stand-alone solutions is exactly that: they’re stand-alone! This means that they can only solve one issue at a time, so if your company is struggling with multiple problems, you’re going to need multiple solutions. Unfortunately, having multiple stand-alone solutions is likely to cut into your overhead costs, meaning although the issues may be fixed, they will come at a hefty price. Not only that but since stand-alone systems work independently of each other, any data that needs to be shared must be manually integrated between the systems. This is inefficient, time-consuming, and increases the likelihood of errors being made. No good!

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The Benefits of Complete Payroll Solutions

Unlike stand-alone solutions, complete solutions combine multiple systems into one multi-purpose platform. Managing payroll calculations by themselves, and distribution using a different platform? Not anymore—complete solutions will handle every aspect of the payroll process for you, and solutions like UZIO can even take care of the HR side of your business as well! This means that you’ll be able to manage your payroll, time & attendance, benefits administration, and HRIS all from the same system, consolidating all of your data onto one integrated system. Another bonus? You’ll only have one bill to pay, not three or four!

What Is a Local System?

A “local system” is a type of system that can only be accessed from your local network, i.e. your workplace internet connection. When it comes to payroll software, only having local access can present a number of limitations, especially when it comes to employee self-service options. If an employee wants to check their hours, previous pay stubs, or make a change to their Form W-4 information, they will need to be in the office to do so. Of course, if an employee is in the office then they are likely already busy at work, meaning these tasks will usually be procrastinated until completing them becomes absolutely vital.

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Why You Should Choose a Cloud-based Payroll System

“Local access” issues aren’t a problem if you choose to use a cloud-based payroll system. Since these types of systems are stored on the internet rather than your local devices, you can access them from anywhere in the world with an internet connection (provided you have the correct login credentials!). For employers, this means generating reports and accessing information is possible while on the go! For employees, they’ll enjoy the ability to check hours and update Form W-4 information from the comfort of their own homes, where a busy workday won’t stand in the way of making accurate deductions to catch the best tax breaks.

How Complete Payroll Solutions Can Better Yor Business

Cloud-based systems are much better than local solutions, so why not expand them beyond simply payroll functions? With complete cloud-based payroll solutions, you can! Benefits administration, remote clock-in/clock-outs, and PTO requests are just a few of the many functions you’ll be able to manage using this type of system. Combining all of the features of your multiple stand-alone solutions onto a single cloud-based platform that can be accessed from anywhere, complete payroll & HR solutions are the most efficient way to manage your vital business functions successfully!


Cloud-based complete payroll solutions supports automation with improved functionality over local, standalone systems. By enabling information access and employee self-service from anywhere, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of stress placed on your HR & payroll staff. With prices starting as low as $4.50 per month and the ability to automate your entire payroll process, why wouldn’t you make the switch? Don’t rely on past solutions to manage modern problems. Manage your payroll responsibilities with cloud-based complete payroll solutions!