Electric Tapes For Batteries

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Electric cars (EVs) have become a growing influence on the automobile sector during the past décade. As green technology continues to influence the automobile industry, several reputable, large-scale manufacturers have announced that they will stop gas-powered vehicles and only produce electric vehicles by 2035. Due to this significant shift in the industry, electricity batteries are becoming increasingly essential for automakers. The battery of an electric car must be securely secured and embedded with specialist materials to decrease flammability, improve dielectric strength and protect it from harmful circumstances. TPC Packaging Solutions offers a variety of quality EV battery tapes, adhesives and encapsulants as a leading industry specialist in packaging.

Adhesive Solutions for EV Batteries

The producers of electric vehicle battery rely on high-quality tapes, adhesives and encapsulating materials to retain and preserve electric car batteries. TPC’s EV battery tapes and adhesives are created especially for the rigorous operations of the EV battery and for optimised insulation, adherence and structural support. Our skills include:

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Cell to Cell Bonding

Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is the best approach to guarantee the structural integrity of your electric battery package, whether single- and double-sided. You can connect battery cells safly and firmly together to ensure safe and dependable battery operation using several tape patterns, including dielectric and flame retardant designs.

Compression Pads

Compression pads prevent vibration and the influence of EV movement on battery cells in EV. Manufacturers of electric car batteries wrap the pouch and prismic battery cells with foam pads, employing pressurised adhesives. RFID tape is one of the best solutions for your adhesive needs.

Thermal Runaway Protection

Battery providers of electric vehicles must comply with stringent industry standards and thermal flush protection rules. Flammable adhesives and single or twin-coated film tapes, bonding materials like ceramic fibre and mica to UV battery cells to guard against thermal runaways.

Thermal Interface Materials 

The TIMs are bonded to heat sinkton or platform materials for the purpose of facilitating the passage of heat to and facilitating the management of EP battery temperature. Our flame retardant adhesives along with our silicone or acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives guarantee optimum adherence to TIMs.

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Pack Seal & Gasketing

For safe and dependable electric car batteries, close screens inside gasket assemblies are critical. Our choice of moam tapes, which are pressurised and hot-activated, allows you to establish a reliable seal which is intimately linked with EV battery elements so that water, fluids and particle matter are not interfered with. For weather strips, please visit our site.

Flexible Busbar Adhesives

The flexible printed circuits feature several EV battery assemblies. Our twin and flame retardant adhesive solutions provide protection for busbars through electrical insulation and flame resistance.

Electrical Insulation

EV batteries comprise of cells that are isolated from electrical current and electromagnetic interference to prevent components from straying. Single and double-sided tapes can be utilised with dielectric films for direct application to the components or for attachment of mould compression pads and other isolated materials.

Cell Wrapping

Battery cells can be wrapped in single or double-coated tapes with dielectric films for protection against electric currents of sensitive components.

PET Film Material 

Cell incapsulation or isolation minimises vibration, stress, moisture, corrosion and chemical solvent effects. It also helps to thermally remove heat and to reduce flames and to insulate the electricity. Terephthalate polyester or polyethylene (sometimes called a PET film) is especially appreciated for its ability to fulfil essential industrial criteria for flammability and dielectric characteristics. While several producers of EP battery protection offer tapes and adhesives, few offer TPC in-house PET film encapsulation. Our in-house capabilities enable us to convert a large variety of different materials into prototyping, production and single side heat sealable films that meet and exceed UL 94 V-0 flammspecifications and die-cutting specifications for ASTM D3755 with a variety of diecutting and manufacturing equipment.

EV Battery Tapes

We use state-of-the-art technologies and contemporary materials at TPC Packaging Solutions to produce tape, adhesive and encapsulating solutions, which fulfil even the most demanding EV battery regulations. We have the skills to deliver customised packaging for every purpose with over a half hundred years of competence.