Learn How To Renew Your Old Blonde 613 hair:

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Written By Charlotte Miller

No matter how expensive your hair is or how dedicated you are to your hair regimen, your hair weave will eventually become tangled, dried, and matted. However, you must take specific steps with your 613 hair to ensure that it lasts longer. When hair is bleached, natural moisture is stripped, and it must be handled accordingly. This colored hair must be bleached to achieve the color.

Co-Wash Your Hair Before Getting It Installed:

It doesn’t matter how your hair is installed into your head; a co-wash is required before installation. Highlighting natural waves, curl patterns, and shine will wash and nourish your blonde 613 hair

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Sulfates and Silicones Must Be Avoided:

Sulfates and silicones are not recommended for any hair type. Use shampoos and other treatments made specifically for blonde hair to keep your blonde hair looking as vibrant as possible.

Getting Your Weave Untangled:

We all know how bad a knotted hair bundles looks. The first step in rejuvenating your old 613 hair weaves is to detangle it. Follow these methods to disentangle your weave before tossing it.

Step One: Remove any knots or snags in your weave by brushing it from root to tip.

Step Two: Apply water and conditioner to the first portion of your hair. We recommend mixing this in a water bottle.

Step Three: Dating the hair by gently combing from root to tip with a toothbrush or paddle brush.

Step Four: Rinse well, apply moisturizer, and allow to air dry.

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Method of boiling

Step One: Detangle Hair

Step Two: Apply a heavy coat of conditioner and mild oil to your hair. This imparts a gloss to the hair and softens it.

Step Three: Bring the water to a boil in the pot. Place your hair in a Ziploc bag and seal it while the water is heating up. The bag must be completely emptied.

Step four: Once the water is hot enough, submerge the bag in it. The pot should be big. Boil the bag for at least 10-15 minutes after submerging it in water.

Step Five: When the bag is done boiling, remove it with tongs from the water and place it in a dish, then remove the hair from the bag.

Step Six: Fill a bowl halfway with boiling water and pour it over your hair. Cover the bowl you’re using with a lid and set it aside for 1-2 hours.

Step Seven: Remove and untangle with a wide-tooth comb once it has cooled.

Moisturizing Your Weave:

Colored hair, like natural hair, is more likely to dry out quickly and tangle. The first step in keeping your blonde 613 weaves healthy, shiny, and long-lasting is to keep them moisturized.

Take It Easy On The Heat:

If you utilize heat on your blonde hair frequently, it will dry and tangle more quickly. Heat styling (flat irons, wands, and blow dryers) should be done just once a week. While the hair is damp, use braids, twists, curlers, and Flexi-rods to create waves and curls, then let it air dry. So it’s important to buy hair from high-quality hair stores.

Deep Condition Your Weave:

The blonde 613 weave is extremely dry as a result of the stripping procedure. Deep condition your hair once a week to reduce shedding, matting, and tangles. To make it easier to remember, every time you wash your extensions, you should also deep condition them to restore the moisture.

Renewed Hair For The Win:

Your hair will be able to survive much longer once it has been repaired. Invest in color-safe shampoos and conditioners. Now go kill it for the rest of the day with your BLONDE 613 EXTENSIONS.