Momcozy M5 Vs Mommed S21: Which Wearable Breast Pump Is Better?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

In the world of breastfeeding and pumping, wearable breast pumps have revolutionized convenience and flexibility for mothers. Among the many options available, the MomCozy M5 and MomMed S21 shine as prominent contenders. In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive comparison of these two wearable breast pumps to help you determine the best fit for your needs.

Functionality and Comfort:

Momcozy M5: This breast pump offers 3 modes and 9 levels – Stimulation, Expression, and Mixed Modes – each designed to cater to diverse pumping requirements. With 9 adjustable suction levels, it provides a comprehensive pumping experience. Although its suction strength is slightly lower than that of the MomMed S21, the M5 also incorporates a subtle vibration function to provide added assistance during pumping.

MomMed S21: On the other hand, the MomMed S21 offers 3 modes with 12 levels – Stimulation, Expression, and Auto Modes. Compared to the MomCozy M5, the S21 features stronger suction and more adjustable levels, providing greater self-adjustment flexibility. Additionally, the S21’s Auto Mode intelligently sets the rhythm and suction changes from massage to expression, making it particularly suitable for beginners and convenience-seeking moms.

Noise Levels:

Both the MomCozy M5 and MomMed S21 feature discreetly engineered motors, ensuring unobtrusive pumping experiences, even in public settings. While a faint engine sound might be audible in exceptionally quiet environments, both pumps maintain a noise level that is sufficiently gentle to avoid disturbing your baby’s rest. It’s worth noting that some users have recognized a slight advantage in noise reduction with the MomMed S21.

Parts & Assembly:

The MomCozy M5’s cup comfortably accommodates 5oz, expandable to 7oz at full capacity. Comprising five components, including various flange sizes (17/19/21/24/27mm) to cater to individual preferences, the breast pump offers comprehensive functionality. Despite its LED screen providing comprehensive information, it lacks a timer feature.

The MomMed S21, featuring a cup comfortably holding 6oz, simplifies assembly and cleaning with four main components. It includes a 27mm flange and a 24mm insert. Note that the S21 includes fewer flange size options, necessitating additional purchases for smaller sizes from either Amazon or the MomMed official website.

Design and Aesthetics:

Both the MomCozy M5 and MomMed S21 sport discreet designs that can be concealed beneath clothing. The MomCozy M5, however, arrives with meticulously designed packaging and a portable carrying case, tailored for mothers on the move.

The MomMed S21 seamlessly incorporates its pump into the cup’s design, offering a seamless and unobtrusive appearance. Designed to snugly fit into a bra, it caters to the needs of busy moms. Compared to M5, it’s slightly more compact and slimmer on the sides, enhancing its concealed profile. While lacking a carrying bag, its elegant aesthetics have received commendation.

Battery Life & Portability:

Both breast pumps are equipped with rechargeable batteries, providing portability and convenience. Notably, the MomCozy M5 and MomMed S21 have similar battery life, lasting throughout the day and requiring a single daily charge.

Price & Value:

In terms of cost, the MomMed S21 offers a more budget-friendly option compared to the MomCozy M5. If you seek an economical yet comprehensive breast pump, the MomMed S21 might be the preferable choice.

However, the M5, despite its higher price, provides more product accessories such as various flange sizes, inserts, and a carrying case. Furthermore, the M5 boasts a gentle vibration feature. If these additional functionalities pique your interest, the M5 might suit your preferences better.

Which Wearable Breast Pump Is Best?

Ultimately, the choice between the MomCozy M5 and MomMed S21 hinges on your individual preferences, pumping needs, and budget considerations. Both pumps offer unique advantages, ensuring that your breastfeeding journey is comfortable and efficient.