Warning Signs To Know It’S Time To Hire A Hearing Aid Repair Expert Today

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Today, roughly 37 million people suffer from different stages of hearing loss. Unfortunately, out of these hearing loss sufferers, only 1 of 5 people make use of hearing aid supplies. In case you don’t know, hearing aids are small electronic devices that you can wear behind or in your ear. With this device, you can always improve your hearing quality regardless of your hearing loss condition.

As amazing as hearing aids and hearing aid supplies are, however, you need to understand they also have their issues. One problem with these electronic devices is that they can develop faults, failing to improve your hearing quality. In this situation, you need to decide whether to repair the device or buy a new hearing aid. In the rest of this post, you’ll discover a few warning signs to know it’s time to hire a hearing aid repairs expert at Audiology Island.

  1. Is the device broken or damaged?

Since the best Audiology Island hearing aids are small, it might be hard to notice when they become damaged. To make things easier, however, you need to develop the habit of regularly cleaning your device with the best cleaning supplies.

Whenever you’re cleaning your device, ensure to watch out for cracks and any loose ends. Also, check and be sure all its parts are complete and intact. Once you notice any issue, ensure to speak with your hearing aid repair expert immediately to understand how to better fix the problem.

  1. Distorted sounds

As you already know, the most important objective of using the best hearing aid supplies is to restore your communication ability. With distorted sounds, you won’t be able to achieve this goal with your hearing aid.

Having distorted sound is a warning sign you need to visit a reliable hearing aid repair expert today. With the best repairers at Audiology Island, this issue can be fixed quickly. You’ll get distorted sound, which is very important for you to facilitate your communication ability and achieve quality sound.

  1. Whistling sound

Is your hearing aid currently making a whistling sound? If yes, this most certainly means your device has developed an electronic fault and needs to be repaired.

  • However, before you go ahead to visit Audiology Island, we advise that you check your earpiece and be sure it’s correctly fitted.
  • Another thing you can do is clean your ear to eliminate any earwax that may cause this issue.

If the whistling sound persists after performing the aforementioned troubleshooting steps, we advise that you consider hiring the best hearing aid repair experts.

  1. No sound

If your hearing aid is currently not giving any sound, you need not panic. This issue is common and different factors can cause it:

  • For instance, your hearing aid may fail to produce sound if it’s clogged with ear wax or debris. In this case, you need to check and replace the device’s wax guard with a new one. You can visit the Audiology Island hearing aid store today to find the best wax guards for your device.

  • This issue may also surface if you forget to switch on your hearing aid or increase its volume.

  • You’ll most likely experience no sound if the hearing aid batteries are weak or dead. For rechargeable 312 hearing aid batteries, all you need is to recharge your device. However, if the batteries are disposable, ensure to replace them with new ones.

If the ‘no sound’ issue persists after trying the aforementioned troubleshooting steps, the best you can do is hire the best hearing aid repair experts.