Moving To New Zealand Along With Your Pet? Here Is A Guide For A Seamless Transition

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Written By Berry Mathew

Are you thinking of migrating to New Zealand? Are you worried about your pet? We got you. Here is a quick guide on conveniently moving to New Zealand with your pet. This extensive guide will cover all the rules and regulations so that you are not confused about moving to New Zealand. 

Basic Points To Keep In Mind

Starting with some basic points that need to be kept in mind. New Zealand has a broad set of health standards for cats and dogs that depend greatly on the state or county from which they are migrating or coming. As per the rules and regulations, there are three kinds of countries or regions from which cats and dogs are imported:

  • Category 1

Australian region, including the Norfolk island territory

  • Category 2


  • Category 3

The well-controlled or rabies-absent region, mainly the southern Africa region.

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Which Animals Can You Bring Into The Country?

Before getting along with your pet in New Zealand, you should know certain things. First, not all animals are allowed to be imported to New Zealand. The country has some strict rules for the kinds of pets that are allowed in the country. Animals that are not allowed include reptiles, snakes, ferrets, Guinea pigs, mice, and rats. This means these animals cannot be migrated into the country. Talking about dogs, certain kinds of dogs are also not allowed to be migrated to the country. These include the Brazilian Fila, Dogo Argentino, Japanese Tosa, Perro de Presa Canario, and the American Pitbull Terrier.

If you bring your pet to New Zealand, you need a post-arrival inspection. In addition, of course, there are certain tests and approvals one would have to get in case of importing pets from other specific regions. Also, there are certain pet age criteria that you need to be aware of. The pet you are bringing along with you should be above the age of 16 weeks.

Immigrating To New Zealand With Pets: Preparation Is Key.

First, get the important health standard and guidance document containing all the health standard guidelines about your pet.

Refer to the guideline document for all the advice and necessary documents you will require while migrating your pet to New Zealand. 

Paperwork For Moving Your Pets

You must also get your pets’ paperwork while migrating to New Zealand. After you’ve booked a space for your pet at the quarantine facility, if you have more than one pet, then it can also be covered in the same paperwork, so you don’t have to pay multiple times for multiple pets. You should apply for the paperwork about six weeks before the date of your travel to make sure that everything goes fine and smoothly.

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Health Requirements

Before bringing your pet to another country, all kinds of pets must meet certain health requirements specific to the country. For example, all kinds of cats and dogs should be microchipped and completely vaccinated against rabies, and you should also have a negative rabies titer test. In case your cat or dog requires any kind of medication, then you have to specify it beforehand to avoid any inconvenience. Pet Supplies NZ can help you in clearing all the requirements carefully and in a hassle-free way.

Get A Veterinary Certificate.

Getting a veterinary certificate is one of the first stages to getting travel approval for your pet to New Zealand or any other country that requires it. Additionally, there is a lot of other paperwork included in the process. Finally, your veterinarian certifies that all of the procedures outlined in these certificates have been carried out by signing them.


After you and your pet have arrived in New Zealand by being paperwork approved, all the pets must undergo a medical examination upon arrival. However, pets from the pacific island region do not require any kind of tests on their arrival to New Zealand. It can be a lot hectic to keep up with the post-arrival needs of your pets. To make it more smooth, consider referring to us, Pet Supplies NZ.

All pets migrating or traveling to New Zealand have to undergo a quarantine phase of at least 10 days. Pets from Australia do not require any quarantine.