Why Should Most Public Places Have Mandatory Drug Testing? How Can It Be Beneficial?

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Written By Berry Mathew

Drugs are a bad influence on our society. Drug addicts are among the top portion of people who are expected to commit crimes. This makes drug testing extremely important. Drug testing is performed to know the toxication level of a person. Public places are highly vulnerable with these drug addicts wandering around. It is not a hidden fact that drug addicts can also have a major influence on the upcoming generation. 

People must consider public places for drug tests to ensure things do not go out of hand. Because this can help reduce the drug addiction rate in the country, all the drug tests are performed using special testing kits.

Why Drug Testing Is Important In Public Places

Drug tests are important to make an abuse-free and intoxicated society. Doing drugs and consuming intoxicated substances lead to the overall degradation of society. Here is a comprehensive approach for a better understanding of why drug testing is important in public places:

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Securing The Finance Of The Company 

On average, using drugs and illegal substances costs around $193 billion to the country’s overall economy. This is because the government has to incur an expense for maintaining healthcare centers and lower workforce productivity.

Encouraging Others Toward Drug Addiction

Using drugs publically can also impact other people’s viewpoints on drugs. This can also encourage more people to become drug addicts. Hence, it promotes drug and toxication addiction by influencing other people too.

Mental Breakdown Of People

It is a very well-known fact that the usage of drugs leads to the mental breakdown of the addict and can cause the overall psychological degradation of an individual. Various kinds of drugs and illegal substances are being manufactured and sold in today’s world, and studies have shown the different and serious levels of harm such substances can cause in the human body.

Benefits Of Drug Testing

To decrease the effect of drug influence in society and to eliminate the violation of toxic substances publically, drug testing is one of the most required methods that authorities need to employ today. Drug testing is a sure-shot method to determine a person’s toxication level. Some of the benefits of drug testing are listed below:

Reduces Bad Influence

Doing drugs is one part of the story, but the scary part is when somebody else is encouraged by the act of toxication. So to reduce the influence of drug addicts over other people in society it is extremely important to do a drug test in public places.

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Crime Rate Declines

Glancing at the records of crimes, it turns out that drug addicts hold higher numbers among the reasons for most of the crimes committed in Australia. Around 62,698 crimes reported are drug offenses. Moreover, an active drug testing program in public places will result in an overall decline in the country’s crime rate.

Drug Testing Methods

There are a lot of methods that can be used for drug testing people in public places. Some of them are as follows:

Saliva Drug Test

A saliva drug test is a type of drug screening test that looks for traces of drugs or alcohol in someone’s saliva to determine if they are an active user of drugs or not. 

Drug Testing Kits

A drug testing kit is one of the easiest-to-use drug testing tools. Drug testing kits are one of the most accurate tools for testing the toxication level of a person. Just remove the cap, collect a urine sample at the collection side of the kit and then wait for the results at the side of the cup for about 5 minutes.


The mental health of drug addicts is in a poor state, which can cause many issues for them and the general public. Not only do drugs and intoxication lead to the degradation of an individual, but they also impact the connected ones on a major scale. This means that most family members and near and dear ones are always a part of this drug addiction menace. But the more alarming fact is that these drug addicts encourage other people towards drug addiction. Therefore, the conduction of drug tests are super mandatory for the safety of people and to preserve our upcoming generations.