Name Checker: 3 Easy Steps to Your Dream Name 

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Written By Charlotte Miller

With millions of social media accounts globally, finding a unique and attractive handle is no less than a miracle. And to add more, every other person is establishing their online presence on a daily basis. So, things are getting even more strenuous. 

Consequently, going through brainstorming and finally deciding on a unique name equals walking on thin ice. But what if your name already exists in the world and is not unique? 

Indeed it’s a stressing, and to avoid such situations, you can check out a DNS Name checker that instantly helps you find the right social media handle. 

Let’s dive deep to find an easy and quick way to find your dream name. 

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Name Checker: Role in Social Media Handles 

You might agree that coming up with outstanding and exceptional names for social media accounts helps you stand out in the crowd. You’re more likely to attract people and engage with them. But what if your name isn’t different or somebody is already using one? 

Obviously, the ratio of getting engagement will decrease, and you will end up deleting your account. Therefore, to avoid such situations, the DNS Name checker allows checking names for multiple social media platforms. So, you can make your own identity without facing any loss. 

Before discussing how you can evaluate your name with the Name checker, make sure you’ve followed the right procedure to get an exotic name.

Checklist to Your Dream Social Handle 

Having a different or unique is not the end of the story; you have to be more than creative to stand out. Thus, mark if you have tried the following things; 

Trackless brainstorming

If you’re aimlessly thinking about different names, then stop because brainstorming without research is nothing but a burden. Therefore, search different social media accounts related to your skill or profession. Identify their core values and observe how they come up with their respective handle. 

Tip: Try to stay active while searching because it’s more likely that you will find a perfect name. 

Writing Phase  

It’s quite obvious. But, did you write all the names that came up in your mind? Yes? (You are good to go). If not, you probably have to go back to your desk and take out your pen and paper. Write all the names down and prioritize accordingly. 

Tip: If you are making a personal account, write different versions of your name. Otherwise, for the best online business account, HUMNA

, start from step 1 and move onward. 

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SEO Guidelines 

After finishing the writing process, you’ll have a list of 6 to 10 names (try to write as many as you can). Afterward, make sure you are taking SEO factors under consideration. And optimize your name with your respective searching keyword. 

Tip: Find your targeted audience and identify their concerns and how they reach out to people working in the same niche as yours. 

Checking Name Availability 

After getting the final version of your name, go to the Name checker and find whether your name is available or not. 

We’ll discuss later what you’ve to do after getting your results. For now, let’s move on to see how you can use the Name checker. 

Name Checker: 3 Easy Steps to Use

Finding a non-taken name is even more, easier than before. You don’t have to go from one social media platform to another. With Name checker’s huge databases, you can find your name availability across multiple platforms within seconds. Let’s see what you have to do; 

  1. Open the Name checker website, click the name box and write your name. We have written a random name. 
  1. After that, click the “search button.” 
  1. You’ll see a list of platforms with availability/not available tags. As you can see name “Anna” is available on Facebook but not on Tumbler and so on. 

That’s how you can search hundreds of names on different social media platforms. 

Now let’s discuss the major part… 

What if My Name is Available/Not Available? 

If your name is available/not available on different platforms, it simply means you can go for the name that is more available on multiple platforms. 

Consequently, if your name is not available on a few or more TLDs but available on your desired platform, you can still go for it. 

FAQs: Find Quick Solutions to Your Queries 

What should I do if my name is taken?  

If you don’t want to give up on your name, you can try modifying it. For instance, adding an article, an expression, skill, or profession, an acronym of your initial name, or you can add characters or emojis to make it different. 

Can different companies have the same names? 

If you are thinking of using an already existing name, don’t opt for it as it will be a bad idea. With the digital approach of every business and trademark factor, you might end up in trouble. Also, companies like to main their exceptional identity, so it’s illegal to use somebody else’s name. 

Wrapping Up 

Ending the whole discussion on Name checker and how you can find an exceptional name that can help you generate leads on different social media platforms, we hope you are ready to give it a try. 

So, click and start using Name Checker and check names as many as you want with no restrictions of time or limit. 

See you…