Noida Living Conditions 101

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Noida is a city located in western Uttar Pradesh (U.P.). It shares borders with the Delhi NCR region. Noida city has seen major infrastructural development in recent years. Many companies have set up their offices, industries, and warehouses throughout the city. Due to this, a major workflow shift can be seen. 

Thousands of new employees move to Noida every year to start their work life. Noida has also become a major real estate centre. It is a planned city, so that you can observe many societies, apartments, and townships. One experiences many doubts before moving to a newly developed city like Noida. Living conditions in Noida have pros and cons, which we will discuss further in this article.

Renting a 1BHK flat may cost anywhere between ₹4500 to ₹25,000, depending on the location. A 2BHK flats are available from ₹15,000 to ₹30,000 range. A 3BHK flat costs around ₹19,000 to ₹50,000. You can experience occasional power cuts from time to time. As Noida lies in the Gangetic Plains, water availability should not be an issue. Roads are well-built and support all categories of vehicles. Social utilitarian places like parks and gyms are also within easy reach of the public.

Noida is also known for global-level universities that support higher education. A lingering issue that has forever existed in Noida is regarding the safety protocols, but due to the active involvement of police forces, Noida has become a secure residential place.

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Noida has also attracted many startups that aim at making life easier for the residents. Most of the population in Noida works in offices; hence budget management comes in handy. These tech startups allow you to rent appliances and furniture you might use for your daily activities. You can rent a laptop in Noida city to assist you with work. It is not economical to buy a high-end laptop required for a specific task. Hence, you can rent a laptop that suits your work instead of buying a new one. A new laptop may cost anywhere between ₹60k to ₹100k while renting a laptop rental costs you about ₹2k-5k a month. Not only laptops through these websites, but you can also rent other appliances. Noida gets very hot in the summer, and the heat is unbearable. 

To escape the heat, people opt to buy an air conditioner. The air conditioner is a luxury item and can’t be afforded by all. Hence, you can get an AC on rent in Noida through these online startups. Once the summers are over, you can return the air-conditioner to the startup company. This way, you can save up money. Buying anything will become a depreciating asset in the future.

Noida has started to become another tech hub in the country. You need to be smart to manage your finances and sustain yourself in a city like Noida. Renting appliances is one such hack that may make your life easier. Renting a startup business is not only limited to electronic appliances; you can also rent furniture, kitchen items, etc., per your requirements.

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