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Written By Berry Mathew

Making Sure Your Customer Is Reached

What exactly is the point of spending thousands of dollars on advertisements if nobody you want to see them will see them? Have you ever seen a billboard on a deserted patch of highway that has absolutely no cars on it, with no one driving by to look at what is being paid for monthly to the tune of thousands of dollars? Have you ever seen someone paying for a thirty second commercial to air in the middle of the Super Bowl that has absolutely no bearing on anything that people could possibly remember or care about? Have you ever experienced a poorly placed ad that was directed towards an age range that was not currently watching the television, like items for seniors that should have been aired during the time when seniors are more likely to be watching television?

Have you ever gotten a flyer underneath your door that was geared towards a completely different group of people who are not interested in the same things you are interested in? What about getting junk mail for a store that you have not shopped at in many years and have no intention of returning to because it is disgusting and unkempt inside of there? And what about the experience of having to sit through an ad for software ( for your favorite podcast that is geared towards a demographic you not only have never met but have barely even heard of because you are at a completely different stage in your life? And what of the fact that sometimes you open up your favorite social media app, only to experience the wrong messages entirely because you are not the person they are trying to target with denture creams because you are a child?

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Reaching The Wrong Customer Is A Waste!

Imagine you have spent thousands of dollars on making that investment to try to procure each customer, because customer cost acquisition is no joke nowadays. The days of the wild wild west with the internet are long gone, and you have to work that much harder to reach your customer than you would have twenty and even ten years ago, because the scene online is a different landscape entirely. Folks are expecting you to advertise to them in ways that they never conceived about before, and you can do that if you reach them where you actually need to reach them. This is why you ought to consider something really sensible like Hyros ad tracking software that will help you figure out where your adverts are going and who they are impacting specifically. To be fair, people are very sick and tired of ads popping up in places they never expected, as their parents and grandparents did not have to encounter ads on their telephones the way our generations do.

The truth is, you are always primed and ready to be advertised to in this day and age, as commercials are pervasive and everywhere you go in life. But the reality is, because there are so many commercials, people feel like they are being attacked quite often and want a chance to breathe because it feels so overwhelming. People click away on anything on the internet that pops up unless there is a discount to be had, and even then, is the discount worth sacrificing your data and email and other information that the company can use software to harass you for years onwards? Folks are being more mindful about how, when and where they bombard people with marketing because people are tending to feel a little put upon by those companies who are a little too excessive in the way that they approach these issues because they feel like they need more help to get their message out there.

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The Marketing Is Not Reaching The Right People

You want the advertisement to go to the right place because otherwise you have wasted your money essentially yelling into the void of noise without anyone being able to hear you. And then you would have dashed away so much money that could have actually helped people who wanted to take part in the product or service you are offering. In fact, if your product or service is super essential, you want to be able to be found when people are deciding to learn more online about what you have to offer them. The truth is, you might have actually wasted so much money just because your client is in a totally different place and space in the universe but that does not mean they are not looking for you and what you have to offer, simply disappointed because they cannot reach you in the way they want to. You have then really impacted the culture in no way whatsoever and that is the goal if you want to represent for your company to the best of your ability.

What is the point of starting a business if you cannot actually touch and reach people with their pain points? Even if you are B2B or business to business, you want to be sure that your message is getting out to the right place and space in this very noisy world we live in. People feel like they are being pandered to quite a lot, with companies pretending to understand them and their needs in order to use software ( to sell them things they feel like they do not want or are being foisted upon them in an inappropriate manner. Folks are very upset about that because they feel like suddenly these companies are coming in and wanting their money, and the productivity associated with that comes off hollow and fake in a world where so many other businesses are working to be transparent, honest and easy to read for many. This is why your full potential as a business cannot be reached if you are struggling to get your message across to your customer in the best way you can.