Notifying customers when an item is back in stock: How does it help your Shopify store?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

There are times when brands run out of stock. There are millions of retailers on Shopify, among them. Do you know what to do if that happens to you?

In the case of stockouts (which are inevitably going to happen), you might remove that SKU from your website or display an out-of-stock message until the product is replenished. However, you will lose a lot of revenue if you choose either of these options. 

When your product is out of stock, 21-41% of your customers will buy an identical product from your competitors. 

The best strategy is to use a restock alerts app to notify your Shopify store’s customers when items are back in stock. Adding these automated alerts to your store increases customer engagement and might even save you many sales.

Read on to learn how these back-in-stock notifications can help your store grow.

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How does Shopify’s Back in Stock notification work?

You can let your customers know when your products are back in stock via web push notifications, email alerts, or SMS. If you let your customers know when you have restocked these products, they can return to your website and complete their purchases.

Back in Stock is an effective tool for retailers who use it to obtain lost sales and maintain better customer communication.

Benefits of setting up Back in Stock notifications in Shopify

Reduce lost sales

Stockouts can result in lost sales, so automating Shopify restock alerts can help you reduce them. It’s more likely that customers will wait and buy from your brand rather than one of your competitors if they sign up for a back-in-stock notification. 

How come? It minimizes the number of lost sales when you provide more context around the product. 

A back-in-stock notification can get customers excited about restocking and encourage them to buy the product as soon as it’s available.

In the event of a stockout, your brand will experience a 0% conversion rate which means 100% lost sales. Back-in-stock notifications can bring you up to 25% conversion. 

Compared with selling in-stock, back-in-stock items have a similar conversion rate. This means that you’re not going to lose sales, and your cash flow remains constant.

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Minimize customer churn

In business terms, customer churn is the rate at which customers stop doing business with you. As a matter of fact, it’s the percentage of customers who stop being your customers.

In addition to negatively impacting your bottom line, churn also has a negative impact on your customer lifetime value (LTV).

It is fortunately possible to reduce churn by letting your customers know when items are back in stock, which encourages them to return later on. This means that customers are less likely to abandon their shopping cart or switch to another retailer. 

Because they expect your restock to come soon, they will hold tight and wait on your brand instead. 

Although this is true to a certain extent, there is a limit. Customers will still go elsewhere if you take a year to restock.

Improve customer satisfaction

Out-of-stock products leave customers pretty disappointed. In the customer experience, a stockout message that is a dead end generates more disappointment. A situation like that occurs when there is no secondary option for purchasing, paying, or any other type of purchase.

Customers will feel more fulfilled if they receive notifications from your brand, on the other hand. Your back-in-stock notifications will still serve the customer even if they don’t sign up for them.

Whether or not customers purchase the product, restock alerts provide a sense of satisfaction. 

In contrast to being turned away totally empty-handed, they’ve taken deliberate steps to complete their purchase. 

Your customers are less likely to seek out a competitor or spend their money elsewhere when they have a positive experience on your site.

Build your email list

You can grow your brand’s email marketing by using restock notifications, which is perhaps the most overlooked benefit. 

Your company is allowed to contact customers in the future for reasons other than out-of-stock products when they sign up for back-in-stock alerts. You can then appear alongside other favorite brands, family, and friends in that person’s inbox. 

This allows your brand to tell its story and explain its mission to existing and potential customers. In addition, you can offer your subscribers special deals and discounts, which may help them decide to add items to their carts. 

Your email list will also allow you to better build customer relationships, which will increase engagement with your brand. Over the last 12 months, 77% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement, which means customers are more engaged with this channel.

Boost conversions

It’s better to convert than to not convert at all because of a stockout. Customers may return if you give back-in-stock notifications After you restock a product. 

Your customers will stay informed about your back-in-stock products rather than leaving your site empty-handed during a stockout event. Additionally, it makes it easier to encourage those customers to come back and purchase later.

In the long run, these notifications can help you retain sales on out-of-stock merchandise. 

Your emails are also important to these customers. While they wait for the email, you can sell them other products. It’s possible that they will come back for something else even if they don’t get the item they originally wanted.