Outdoor 100W LED parking lot light

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A professionally designed 100W LED parking lot light ensures, for example, that your company site presents itself at any time and in any weather at its best or that you can enjoy the sight of your parking lot even in the dark ..

The possible uses for outdoor lights are extremely diverse. Bright lighting can be installed for the house entrance so that you can see who is at the door even in the dark. Illuminated paths and terraces create a nice atmosphere and a safe path through the parking lot in the dark. There are no creative limits to parking lot lighting in private areas or when illuminating parks.

The experts from the Lepro Lights will be happy to show you how your personal piece of nature can be designed with light behind or in front of the house.

In the commercial sector, outdoor lights also often have decorative tasks. Company signs, exhibits, driveways or parking spaces can be illuminated. In addition, commercial 100W LED parking lot lights are often used where work is done outdoors at night. In this case, carefully installed, bright lighting systems – for example with powerful LED light – ensure optimal working conditions.

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Outdoor lights bring light into your parking lot

Do you need more than an outdoor light for your parking lot? Perhaps you are redesigning your parking lot, perhaps for the first time? Then we have a large range of parking lot lighting to design your property completely according to your ideas. On 1,700 square meters of retail space, we present customers from the Rhein-Main-Neckar area with all kinds of outdoor lights. In addition to designer lamps that are as practical as they are decorative, you will also find spotlights and spotlights for larger areas or special solutions such as recessed floor lights for the garage entrance and lamps for parking lot ponds and swimming pools.

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Motion detectors and twilight switches ensure that the lights on your property only generate light at the desired time. This is particularly useful for lighting at the house entrance. Incidentally, we also carry mobile outdoor lights that do not require a power connection or socket. Such lights are very suitable for creating atmosphere and for reading anywhere in the parking lot. In addition, professional 100W LED parking lot light provides security and orientation, for example on steps, edges and paths.

Find your 100W LED parking lot light at https://www.lepro.com/

From the parking lot lamp with LED luminosity to the comfortably dimmed lantern in the arbor – at the Lepro world of lights are very familiar with the lighting of parking lots and other properties. We advise you in a personal conversation how your individual 100W LED parking lot light can be designed and how the installation and installation of the desired lights can be implemented.