Achieving Quality Sleep: 5 Tips to Choose the Best Mattress for Your Home

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Many would probably think that buying a new mattress is not that important. Not unless one finally experiences the discomfort of a faulty mattress after some years of use. It is true that buying a new one is not like buying a new car or phone. But you may have realized by now how a good mattress plays a significant role in achieving a healthier mind and body. 

Furthermore, the best mattress would also promote the restful sleep you need to achieve a productive day. The bed you currently use may contribute to the poor rest, and even body aches you experience after waking up. Thus, knowing the different factors when choosing the best mattress is necessary in the process. 

If you think your bed already needs a replacement, you’ve come to the right place to guide your mattress buying journey. As we already know, mattresses come in different types, sizes, firmness, and many more. Thus, finding a new mattress can be a bit overwhelming. Worry no more as we list down five tips to help you find the best mattress for sleep. Continue reading to learn more!

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1. Budget

Whatever you want to buy, budget is one of the most important factors one should consider. Do I need an expensive mattress? How can I spend money on a mattress? These questions should come to mind first before deciding what mattress to buy. Spending less or more is possible, but remember that considering your budget also means considering your comfort. Thus, the budget must fit into what you expect to experience. 

You don’t have to worry much, as there are many comfortable mattresses for every budget. All you need to do is give yourself enough time to explore the best beds available this year. Remember, not all expensive products equate to achieving comfort. Explore what you prefer and need, and in no time, you will find the best mattress for you. 

2. Sleeping Position

Are you unaware of your sleeping position? Think back to the times you are asleep. Take note of the positions you feel most comfortable with while sleeping. Is it the sleeping position you use the most? You may not notice, but your sleeping position is another factor to consider when buying a new mattress. These positions include side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or combination.

Furthermore, knowing your sleeping position can also help you determine how soft or firm your new mattress should be. One should clearly understand that sleeping position can affect one’s health. Thus, individuals need to explore the appropriate sleeping positions for specific sleeping needs to achieve a healthier and more comfortable sleep.

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3. Firmness

Knowing the appropriate firmness for your mattress can be tricky as firmness levels of mattresses can vary. As mentioned above, exploring your sleeping position can quickly help you determine the right firmness level for you. Here are the preferred mattress firmness according to your sleeping position:

  • Side sleepers – Side sleepers prefer soft to medium mattress firmness. This mattress level can conform to the curve of the hips and side of the body without much pressure.
  • Back and stomach sleepers – Back and stomach sleepers prefer medium to firm mattresses for support. A firmer mattress can ensure back and spine support.
  • Combination – If you enjoy sleeping in different positions, choosing a medium-firm mattress can be your best choice. It can provide enough body support for back and stomach sleepers. On the other hand, it can also provide pressure relief for side sleepers.

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4. Material

Different mattress types use different materials. This can also help you further determine what specific mattress types you want to get. Mattresses like memory foam are one of the most popular mattresses today in the market. It uses a lighter and breathable material like polyurethane foam for more comfort and a quick-responding mattress. On the other hand, latex mattresses use natural, organic, or synthetic foam. 

Natural and organic materials used in mattresses are beneficial for it is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. As a result, it is easier to maintain the bed, and sleepers can achieve a safer and healthier sleeping environment. Depending on your comfort preference, you can choose a natural latex mattress type that fits your standard perfectly.

5. Where to Buy?

Everyone is surely familiar with buying mattresses in physical stores. All you have to do is visit a store, try every option available, and find a good match in no time. But how about buying online? Buying online is a more accessible alternative way of shopping today. 

Buying a mattress online is just the same as buying any item online. Choose your preferred mattress, add to cart, checkout, and wait for your mattress to arrive. Either way, make sure you think twice and even thrice before deciding what to get and choose what best suits your needs.


Deciding to replace your mattress can be a challenging task. One should make enough effort to explore and find the best mattress for the best sleep. There are hundreds of options available in the market today. Thus, it is essential to look into every detail to find the best. As mentioned, what comes first is your comfort. Know what you prefer and make the process easier than ever.