Reasons To Choose A Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Diamonds have a long history and are highly sought-after gems that most individuals crave. They are a symbol of economic and social status with extreme rigidity and physical simplicity. The diamond engagement rings are the symbol of commitment and love. Fortunately, we also now have lab diamond jewelry, which has the same characteristics as natural or mined diamond jewelry. Lab-grown diamonds can be grown in the lab in a relatively lesser time and are also more affordable. There is no difference in the chemical, physical, structural, and other characteristics of the mined and lab=grown diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are also certified and graded and offer extreme strength, aesthetic value, and durability. The below-given article and the information will reveal to you the answer to the question “what are lab grown diamonds?” and help you know more about it.

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The Making of a Lab-Grown Diamond

Scientists can now replicate the natural process of diamond creation in laboratories by creating the same natural and environmental conditions artificially. Lab-grown diamonds are made by using processes including HPHT (High-Pressure High Temperature) and CVD (Carbon Vapor Deposition). In HPHT a small diamond or a diamond seed is used along with certain advanced machinery for creating high heat and pressure. During the process, the pure carbon will melt down and deposit on the seed to form a full-sized diamond. CVD also uses a small carbon seed, which is kept inside a chamber. This chamber is filled with gasses rich in carbon. Application of high temperature and pressure results in ionization and deposition of carbon on the seed. The diamond thus made in the lab has the same structural, chemical, and other characteristics as a pure or natural diamond that may be made over 3 billion years. Here is why you should prefer lab diamond engagement rings.


The lab-grown diamonds are more affordable when compared to the mined diamonds. The cost of producing the lab diamonds is much less when compared to the cost of mining and acquiring the natural diamonds. Producing the diamonds in labs also takes much less time when compared to obtaining the diamonds from mines from the inside surfaces of the earth. A lab-grown diamond may be up to 40% less costly when compared to natural and mined diamonds. You can buy a diamond engagement ring of extreme quality, and with the same structural, chemical, and other properties as a pure diamond at a much lesser cost.

Friendly for the Environment

The laboratory-grown diamonds are more eco-friendly. The process for producing them requires much lesser cost and energy. If therefore saves the resources of the planet. Mining of natural diamonds may involve the use of many resources and consume a lot more energy. Mining may also disturb the natural habitats, cause pollution, and involve the use of explosives and machinery. It may cause the release of tons of waste as well. Lab-grown diamonds are a much better choice for those who are eco-conscious.

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Lab Grown Diamonds are the Future

People on earth our moving towards using materials that are sustainable and do not harm the planet. Lab-grown diamonds may be the future of jewelry. It is good for you to make the transition and to save money while also ensuring that you can buy a quality engagement ring at a lesser cost. You can join the growing trend of purchasing sustainable and eco-friendly materials, while not compromising the extreme strength and aesthetic value of diamonds.

Certified and Graded

The lab-grown diamonds are also certified and graded just like the natural and mined diamond. These diamonds may be created by following the 4-C characteristics. These characteristics include cut, color, carat, and clarity. There is no difference between the mined diamonds and the lab-grown diamonds except for the source. You may not be able to differentiate between the two diamonds. You can buy a certified and graded lab-grown diamond engagement ring of the highest carat and quality online as well as offline.


Lab-grown diamonds are being more popular now. Leading websites including Rare Carat are offering a variety of jewelry made of lab-grown diamonds, including engagement rings. Rare Carat is one of the reputed and popular online sellers of all kinds of diamond jewelry including natural/mined and lab-grown diamond jewelry. You can visit the website now for choosing from a comprehensive range of diamond engagement rings and other jewelry.