5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Comfortable

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Written By Charlotte Miller

After a long and agonizing day outside, there is nothing more recharging than the familiar embrace of home. That is why everyone wishes for a comfortable living space that caters to all their needs and wants. 

Furthermore, it won’t be wrong to say that our homes reflect our unique personalities, tastes, and behaviors. 

Whether you wish to make your home feel more comfortable or embellish it to make onlookers envious, this article explores five ways. 

Let’s get started.

  • Declutter

Frustrating as it may sound to give your home a thorough clean-up after the mess we created, it should be the first on your to-do list. Not only does a tidy home make it more comfortable to lounge in, but it also makes one feel in control of their environment. 

Clutter overstimulates the brain and aggravates negative feelings. Therefore, it is important to declutter and organize so that you don’t end up wasting hours fishing out things and wasting brain power worrying over not finding them. 

Of course, we know that our homes don’t have unlimited space. Chances are, you are bound to face a shortage of storage. 

If you don’t want to say goodbye to your precious possessions or make your home feel stifling and cluttered, you can opt for storage services to take the burden off you. These provide safe, secure, and easily accessible long-term storage spaces for all your extra possessions, and you can visit them at your convenience. 

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  • Light it up

Lighting plays a huge role in how we, as well as visitors, view our homes. Cozy and warm or jazzy and spruce? You can decide this by picking the right color as well as the area of illumination. 

Warm white or yellow light is usually recommended for areas of your home that need to look inviting and put less strain on your eyes. Consider using them in your living room, where you can let the dull colors bathe you in a serene atmosphere. But if you prefer a more exuberant-looking living room, bright and colorful lights can breathe quirkiness into your home. 

You can use them to make important corners of your home, such as a photo wall or the entrance, more aesthetic.

For your bedroom, where you wish to de-stress and have a good night’s sleep, experts suggest you minimize the use of blue light. Yes, if it rings a bell, you might know that this is the same type of light that comes out of our phones and screens- notorious for ruining our nighttime regimes. 

Professionals recommend switching them up with warm colors like reddish-orange and yellow to boost mood, induce sleepiness and keep late-night intrusive thoughts at bay. 

One may be involved in skillful work for hours in a study or kitchen. For this reason, lighting that keeps everything clear and visible, such as fluorescent white lights, is best to opt for.

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  • Have a “me-space”

Places don’t feel like our home until we’ve grown attached to them or some reminders tether us to them. For your home to feel truly comfortable and give you a sense of ownership, you need to adorn it in a way that shows your interests and hobbies. 

Whether these are posters, fandoms, bookshelves, art, or other decorations that reflect your tastes, be sure to have them in every corner of your home. If you share your home with several other people, perhaps it’s best to stick only to your bedroom, but make at least one room in your house the “me-space.” 

The furniture you keep should also cater to your comfort, not just the guests. So if you think a beanbag is more comfortable than your grandma’s antique sofa, feel free to choose the former. 

After all, it’s your home. If you are not comfortable in it, then what’s the point of calling it that?

  • Make it smell heavenly

With the right scent, you can make your home feel as if it’s heaven on Earth. There are many scents available in the market, and you can choose from several options such as scented candles, room sprays, or even plants to give your home that extra touch of coziness. 

Reed diffusers are also a healthier and safer alternative if you feel icky about using flammable products in your home. 

You can purchase these products easily as there is a wide variety available or even use DIY tricks that go light on the pocket. Choose an aroma that invigorates the senses and does not overpower them. 

Remember, the right scent can do wonders for your productivity and mood. With good scents, we can make our homes feel fresh and jubilant.  

These aren’t the only ways of getting rid of unsavory smells. You can also try using fragrant detergents for your clothes, bed sheets, and rugs and clean your trash can more regularly to always keep the place smelling inviting and pleasant. 

  • Stock up your kitchen cabinets

Seeing your fridge and kitchen cabinets full of your favorite snacks and groceries is one of the best serotonin boosts. That is why ensure you have a good amount of food in your kitchen all the time and save you the hassle of running to the store every day. 

If you are worried that some of the items in your kitchen might go stale, you should try popular food preservation methods to store perishable items for a long time as well as prevent wastage of food and money. 


While there are many ways of making your home more comfortable, the 5 mentioned in this article are those that are commonly ignored or sidelined. They are also much more feasible to implement than giving your home a complete makeover. 

Beautifully lighten up your living space, add a wonderful scent to compliment it, keep the place tidy and uniquely yours, and your kitchen well stocked for an amazing, cozy abode.  

Hope you thoroughly enjoyed the article and it is of help to you. We are confident that you have learned easy and simple ways to make your home feel more comfortable and cozy for you and the people visiting your home.