Reasons to Opt For a Career in Homeland Security and Emergency Planning

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Written By Charlotte Miller

The department of homeland security is the third-largest department in the US government. Being such a large department, they cater to numerous responsibilities that require their attention. You may find these professionals at the TSA and border protection. Since their duties are ladened with heavy security, their jurisdiction extends to emergency response and terrorist attacks. There is always space for those who feel a strong sense of patriotism towards their country, and you’re no different. After you join the department of homeland security, you get a first-class view of what goes into protecting and patrolling. 

However, it is also apparent that the responsibility of protection comes with immense risks. While you’re doing your duty, there’s always a chance for the situation to go south. But, there are some things in life you should stick your neck out for. To help you understand what’s waiting for you as a homeland security and emergency planner, here’s what you need to know:

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  • You Need To Upgrade Your Education

Homeland security professionals hail from various educational backgrounds, preparing you for different situations while on duty. For instance, if you are a finance specialist, you won’t end up in cybersecurity. Most homeland security experts consider upgrading their education to hone their skills. If you like working where all the action is, consider getting a masters in emergency management and homeland security to learn the ropes. The curriculum you’ll study while pursuing this program will prepare you to tackle all matters related to security. Your education and expertise will define your position as a security official. Hence, it’s an excellent chance for you to combine your passion with the choice of your career.

  • Paid Training Opportunities 

Your career as a homeland security officer will never be stagnant, there will always be opportunities for you to grow and flourish as a team member. You’ll get numerous opportunities to go for paid training, which will vary according to your specialty, but the bottom line is you will enhance your skills. You should expect training courses that incorporate technology and security, which will help you learn newer methods of weapon disarming or even how to work with data to understand terrorism. 

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  • You Get To See Your Work First Hand

If you’re a part of emergency planning, you get to contribute actively towards a more significant cause. Not everyone knows how to react or think fast during an emergency. Some people may not even know how to plan for an emergency, as it requires a sharp set of skills to formulate and create an emergency protocol. You will utilize your critical thinking, communication, knowledge on the subject, and even understanding of technology to draft a proposal. Once you get your plans approved, it’s a chance to see your work in action. You will feel an indescribable feeling of joy and pride as well as an acknowledgment of your skills to see your plan as an emergency protocol. For example, you may develop a better way to deal with airline hijacking with minimum casualties, or any contribution that saves lives and even changes how we handle emergencies will get awarded. 

  • Numerous Fields Await You

While your education can help you pick out a specialty, the skills you pick up at your job will help you choose a field. Whether you want to work a desk job or work with people, there’s always an opportunity awaiting you. You can opt to work in the airport as a TSA security official, ensuring airport security is always ironclad. If you like desk jobs but enjoy thinking, studying, and documenting, you can gather security intelligence. If you have more experience and skills under your belt, you may find yourself working for private agencies. Therefore, as you opt to become a homeland security officer, don’t hesitate to explore your career choices. You can always work between different career options till you’re happy with the job you choose. 

  • The Community Holds You In High Regards

There is respect within the country for those who work to serve the community. Your efforts and the work hours you put into making sure the county is safe will get lauded. Even if you’re not chasing prestige, everyone likes appreciation and the feeling of being needed. It also makes you feel appreciated and makes you feel like you’re a part of something bigger. It’s also a wonderful feeling to be someone’s role model. You never know how many young minds you may inspire to join homeland security and work to protect the country. Everyone knows that a thriving and prospering country needs a strong backbone of security officials to thrive. 

  • You Get To Be With Your Family

There’s always hesitancy in taking up jobs which may keep you away from your family. However, as a homeland security official, you can get several paid federal holidays in a year. So, if you wish to be with your family during monument occasions, you’re well within your rights to do so. Depending on your service and position as you inch closer to retirement, there are exciting retirement packages that await you—what a great way to say your goodbye.

Wrap Up

Homeland security officials are necessary for protection and enforcing the law. When you join these teams of experts, you allow yourself to have the opportunity to protect and serve your country. The profession itself is highly regarded and will teach you skills that will last you a lifetime. Your skills and education will let you cycle through different fields, all dedicated to protection and enforcement. Other benefits of working in such an intensive field include prestige, paid training, and holiday benefits. So, what’s better than a career that appreciates your efforts and takes care of your needs?