Repair And Maintenance Guide of Zorb Balls

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Do you also love playing with Zorb balls? Well, who doesn’t? 

This activity can now be seen in almost every water park. And even if someone doesn’t want to visit the water park, people buy these Zorb balls from stores and malls and start having their own fun in their pools. But what if some defect occurs in the ball? How to proceed with its repair and future maintenance? 

We are to help you out through this complete repair and maintenance guide of zorb balls. So, let’s get started!

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Repairing Zorb Balls

Inflatable Zorb balls have become the new iconic symbols of summer fun and have successfully taken the place of any small pool rings or lilos. However, with the everlasting joy and many advantages comes some unplanned punctures and repairs. 

Unlike some cheap pool rings that can be brought new in case of damage, zorb balls cost a lot and can’t be just replaced with a new one. Hence, it’s important to know how to repair your zorb ball, if it ever encounters a puncture. 

It might appear like a tiring process, but it’s a very easy job! Here’s what you will need :

  • Hand Gloves
  • Pen/ Marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tape

See, all these things can be easily available at your house only! Now let’s see what you would actually need to do:

STEP 1 Find The Spot

Firstly, you need locate where the puncture is. Inflate the ball and you would be able to spot the hole that’s letting the air out. Another sign to find the holes is appearing aur bubbles. Once you find the spot, label its indication in a circle using your pen or marker.

STEP 2 Patch It Up!

Take out your tape and cut out some circular strips to patch the hole. Make sure that the tape is ready to use once you start to inflate the ball fully so that all the sealing process happens in a fast speed without much air going out. This would be a temporary patch before you start your work with super glue. Hence, make sure to use a strong tape that can seal the puncture successful for a few hours.

STEP 3 Super Glue To The Rescue

Put on your hand gloves and again cut a strip out of the tape. But this time, a much larger piece. Now, bring the super glue and spread it all over on the sticky side of the tape. In the time being, you would need someone who could inflate the ball side by side. Apply this new permanent patch on the temporary one to completely seal the punture.

STEP 4 Waiting To Dry

Let the patch dry at a normal room temperature for about an hour or two. Once it fully dries, you are done with the repair and your ball is ready for some fun zorbing!

Now that you know the repairing part and it’s procedure, it’s time to get a brief about the maintenance guide of Zorb balls! Let’s explore for more.

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Maintenance Of Zorb Balls

Everything demands maintenance for its optimal functioning, so does your zorb ball! It’s always good to know some maintenance tips in advance to make your product last longer and work tremendously without any defects. Here’s some tips for you:

  1. Make a habit of cleaning and washing your Zorb ball after maximum two uses. Use soapy water or a detergent water at a warm temperature. Ensuring it’s cleanliness would always pay off! 
  2. Avoid dragging the ball to place it somewhere and prefer carrying it. Take help of someone else to carry it along with you.
  3. Don’t use the handles except when riding on the ball. It could loosen it’s attachment. 
  4. Storing of ball should be at a place with a normal room temperature. Wet, cold or extreme hot condition can affect the material of the ball. 
  5. The ball must be covered properly when not in use.
  6. It should be used for practice at least 3 4 times in a month, otherwise the material get defected in some cases and doesn’t inflate.
  7. Always keep a repair kit handy. If you shop a Zorb ball from Kameymall, they provide a fully equipped repair kit and a book on maintenance too! Hence, do this purchase from a trusted store like this. 

Practicing all these care tips, you would definitely do a great job maintaining the zorb ball! 

Final Words

To conclude, Zorb balls are fun summer activity which would require repairs in cases of punctures and maintenance on a regular basis. Whenever you need to fix a puncture, all you need is patch the hole with super glue and you’re done. In case of its maintenance, care in operating and storing and cleaning it is all that’s required. 

Hope this article helps fulfil your purpose.