Search engine optimization: What you should know

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Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the process you can use to enhance the quantity and quality of website traffic to your web page or site from search engines. Remember that SEO usually targets unpaid traffic, which are sometimes called organic or natural results rather than paid traffic or direct traffic. Unpaid traffic can come from various types of searches, such as video search, image search, new search, academic search, and many more. 

It’s a good idea to work with SEO experts like Albuquerque SEO so that your site ranks high in different search engines like Bing and Google’s results. Ranking highly on search engines’ results can mean that your site may have a good chance of converting visitors to sales. This article discusses search engine optimization.

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Search engine optimization explained

SEO focuses on improving the ranking of your website so that you can increase its chances of being seen through various organic searches. You can use SEO to improve three factors for your website. 

Firstly, you can improve the quality of traffic, meaning that you can make sure that those visiting your site are interested in the services or products you offer. For instance, if your potential client visits your site because they are seeking video games, though you have video creation tools, there are good chances that you cannot convert this visitor into a sale. 

SEO also tries to improve the quantity of traffic. When you ensure that the proper people are visiting your site and find you via search engine page results (SERPS), you can focus on increasing the traffic to the site. Lastly, SEO focuses on organic search results. Take note that organic search results refers to any traffic you get from the SERPS, meaning this is the traffic that you didn’t pay for the ad space. 

Ideally, SEO needs to answer the questions that your customers may have before they even have to ask them. Therefore, you need to understand what they are looking for and the type of content your potential customer prefers to consume. It’s crucial to know the intent of your audience so that you can get quality prospective clients who are looking for solutions to their problems.  

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How SEO works

Today, most people use search engines to get answers to their questions. You should note that all search engines utilize a process known as crawling to give your results. Crawling happens when the search engine crawlers visit all the available pages that the engine knows to extra some information. The search engine can then index the webpage.

When the page is indexed, it is then sent to an algorithm that matches the data on the pages with the searches people usually do on the internet. It’s worth mentioning that there are many other ways search engines, such as Google utilize to determine the ranking of your page. This includes off page which Google measures and can involve using backlinks on the webpage. The other one is on page ranking which is related to the number of keywords and information queries that may be available on the webpage. 

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