Understanding the Basics: How Much Should Medium Length Hairstyles Cost?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

One of the common concerns of people regarding haircuts, and especially medium length hairstyles is how much they cost. These popular haircuts can have varying prices depending on the variation of the haircut and many other factors we will discuss here. However, the average cost is $20-$60, depending on the region. But some minor expenses incorporated in the average cost might leave you flabbergasted.

However, remember that the figures presented here are an average of costs from different salons, and therefore, the costs of haircuts could vary considerably. So, you expect the hair expenses from different regions to vary. But the ones we will be stating here are from an average hairdresser in an average city. As we have noted, the costs for medium length hairstyles vary considerably. So, you will not be surprised to hear some people paying $10000 for a haircut! You might ask the difference between this haircut and the one you pay just a meager $30. We investigated this relationship here. 

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  • It Is All Relative

The amount you pay for a haircut depends on your preference and whether you can afford it. To understand this better, look at the value you get from a particular haircut. For instance, you may pay $30 for a certain medium length haircut. However, if you have to wrestle every morning, then that haircut is not worth the price you paid. In the same sense, if you spend $2000 for a medium length hairstyle that makes you happy and you don’t have to style it now and then, then you are getting the value for your money compared to paying $30 and getting a mediocre haircut that you have to style four times a month. 

  • What Determines the Cost of a Haircut?

Many things determine the cost of a particular haircut. From the uniqueness of the haircut to the skills needed to the stylist’s demand, the price of a haircut varies considerably. And, of course, not forgetting the location of the hair salon. In the main cities, you expect the costs to be higher compared to the hair shops located in the periphery towns. This is due to the higher costs of operating a business in the main cities. It is also partly because most professional stylists tend to be attracted to such regions and charge higher for their services. 

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  • Your Hair Type Shouldn’t Determine the Cost of a Haircut

Some women have thick hair, while others have thin or fine hair. Though these varying types of hair would need different techniques of cutting and styling, that shouldn’t form the bases for price variation. It wouldn’t make sense to charge medium length hairstyles lower than short haircuts for black women simply because short haircuts take much time to style. There should be equality in the prices charged regardless of the time taken to style a particular haircut. 

  • What If I Need Touch-Up or A Trim

What if you want to include bangs in your medium length hairstyles? Well, some hairstylists will charge some fee for it while others won’t mind doing it free for you. That is why it is essential to get a hairdresser whom you love and build a customer relationship with her. With a good relationship, your stylist will be able to offer you free trims for your bangs and touch-ups as well.

We don’t mean that bangs are simple things to do. If you don’t get someone who knows how to do them right, they can terribly go wrong and mess up your beautiful medium length hairstyle. We know you don’t want that. 

  • And About Those Expensive Hairstyles?

There are expensive hairstyles that you will need to pay some hundred dollars and those others that hit the four-digit line. Well, some use it as a marketing strategy to create a class for their customers. Of course, this comes with high-quality services and other benefits. For those who charge these higher amounts mostly offer their services to celebrities. Which one would you rather choose? Styling one head for $10000 or styling 100 heads for $100 each?