Secrets of successful shooting in shooters

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Since the genre of online shooters is not only gaining momentum, but also holds the top in popularity in the world of gaming, the ability to shoot well will be useful to any gamer, regardless of gaming experience.

The game project and your role also do not play a key role – you can provide destiny 2 leveling service, excellent shooting and concentration are important for this.

What factors affect shooting and how to pump them? Let’s figure it out.

What a good shooter should be able to do:

  • Shoot in the head
  • Shooting tactics
  • move correctly
  • Be proficient with any weapon
  • Grenades and other helpers

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Shoot in the head

A headshot is a key element of shooting and shows the skill of the shooter. The headshot percentage should be as close to the maximum 100% as possible. It is a headshot that guarantees a quick kill of the target and eliminates the threat that it can cause to the player and the squad.

There are several factors to increase the percentage of shooting and headshots:

  1. The mental aspect – aiming at the head is a skill, but in order to develop it, the shooter must make every effort to achieve it and perform the movement steadily. You cannot play lazily and inactively, lounging in a chair, and be the best fragger on the server. The composure and desire to shoot in the head is the starting point for the ranks of the best shooters.
  2. The mechanical aspect – a mixture of reaction and hand movement, is the main skill that we need to develop. This is done quite simply, but in order for the skill to be fixed, you need to do it regularly.

We take the sight and keep it away from the target – our task is to move it with a sharp movement to aim and click on the shot in a matter of seconds.

At first, it may not work out, and the sight will strongly overshoot the target and go in the other direction. This will help reduce the sensitivity of the mouse. The main criterion is that you should be comfortable, but the cursor and sight should move easily and smoothly, without sudden movements and jerks.

Also, a good reaction will affect the quality of shooting – you must react to the enemy at the level of reaction, when the hands do everything themselves, if everything is left to the control of consciousness, then you will lose many duels. We train the reaction.

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Move correctly

The key to successful shooting is not only hitting the target and eliminating the enemy. The key role is played by your movement and the degree of readiness for fire contact.

You need to move smoothly, using the surrounding area as cover, assessing the situation and predicting where you might encounter the enemy.

For CS GO, the skill of using a step and passing along walls is suitable, if you manage to catch the enemy unnoticed by him, then the chance to emerge victorious from the duel will be almost maximum. Use strafes in close fire contact – applying movement tactics without losing accuracy in shooting will help you avoid some or all of the damage released by the enemy and at the same time maintain your fire potential.

For Destiny 2, you can use jumping as a tactic to get close to the enemy, the role will be played by surprise and the aim of the shooting.

Shooting tactics

Shooting is divided into several modes of firing, which is selected from the situation and the player’s skills.

Single – a shooting technique in which one cartridge is spent with one pull of the trigger. The character accurately hits the target at medium and long distances and saves ammo. It requires a certain skill and composure, but it helps to start the battle on favorable terms, especially if the enemy does not see you yet.

Shooting bursts – or shooting three rounds. Provides high-quality and disciplined shooting with a high degree of target destruction. The most common shooting style at short and medium ranges. When hit, it is almost guaranteed to eliminate the target.

Automatic fire is the most inefficient way to fire, consumes the good deal of ammo and does not guarantee a high percentage of hitting the target. Effective only in close combat, when you need to immediately destroy the enemy.

Whenever possible, shoot while seated for increased accuracy, or change your shooting style to reduce the chance of taking damage when the enemy retaliates.

Maneuver, think with your head, and your shooting skill will grow. Don’t forget about training. Good luck!