Top 10 Movies For Need for Speed Fans

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Modern cars have evolved over the years since they were first introduced in 1886. They are important in the transportation sector. 

Although there are many different car designs, the majority of the film industry solely focuses on speedy, opulent, and powerful supercars.

Naturally, the Fast and Furious series is the first thing any automotive enthusiast watches. The nine movies in this series should keep you engaged for at least 12 to 13 hours. 

Beginning with Fast and Furious 1, you get to see the famed 1970 Dodge Charger R/T and the late Paul Walker’s iconic orange Toyota Supra. 

You may see many famous vehicles in the first one, including the 1995 Volkswagen Jetta, the Mitsubishi Eclipse, and the Acura Integra. Be ready to cry because everyone does when Furious 7 ends.

Everyone wishes to drive one of these supercars, but not everybody can afford it.  Because of the thrill, frantic action, and chasing racing scenes, car action movies have become one of the most financially successful movies in the past ten years.

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If you appreciate racing games like the Need for Speed series, check out these movies:

  • Days of Thunder 

Days of Thunder, which is also the name of a video game with a NASCAR theme, is simply Top Gun with automobiles. 

It reunites director Tony Scott and star Tom Cruise for a new film about a budding artist with a prodigious gift who needs the motivation to be the best. 

He was a pilot last time. He operated vehicles this time. It is glitzy.

  • The Fast and Furious (Franchise)

I suppose I must initiate by stating that only the first four Fast & Furious films genuinely focus on racing, especially street racing. 

The heroes then fight crime and injustice as superheroes. Yes, I mean it seriously. The first four, however, are some fairly entertaining racing movies, with muscle vehicles, and muscle men.

  • Rush

The fantastic movie, Rush centers on James Hunt and Niki Lauda, two F1 competitors. Because it doesn’t give us a true protagonist, the movie is brilliant. 

It switches back and forth between the two drivers, highlighting both their advantages and disadvantages, and allows us to choose who we want to root for. Additionally, the racing sequences are very exciting.

This gripping documentary highlights the fierce professional rivalry between Formula One drivers James Hunt and Nikki Lauda via their real-life stories. 

Even though they are both skilled racers, their attitudes are poles apart. Lauda emanates humility and internal anguish, while Hunt occasionally exhibits arrogance, bullying, and open recklessness.

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  • Senna 

One of the few documentaries, Senna has more in common with a narrative biopic than anything else. It centers on the F1 driver Ayrton Senna’s career and is edited to look like a narrative movie, in any case. 

A few years later, Asif Kapadia also directed the Amy Winehouse documentary, and the most astonishing aspect of both movies is the quantity of video they are able to gather. It aids in the editing process and makes the video flow more naturally.

  • Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Talladega Nights is one of those comedies from the middle of the 2000s starring Will Ferrell as the same idiot in several situations. 

He plays basketball at one point and also gains a new brother. They’re not profound, you see. He plays a well-known NASCAR driver in this one. He gets a rival, gets married, and acquires a car. It’s straightforward, but if you like Ferrell or racing, you’ll probably like it.

  • Speed Racer 

When it first came out, neither Speed Racer nor anybody else watched it. It was a critical and financial disaster, but there has been somewhat of a critical recovery in recent years. 

It’s a lot of fun, sort of like a candy-colored dream world. It is quite creative and very beautiful to look at. The competitions are also enjoyable

  • Death Race (Franchise)

Death Race movies are continuously being produced. The first one came out in 1975, and the most recent one came out in 2018. They involve races with essentially no rules, and you’ll want to kill your opponents to prevent them from killing you first. It’s extremely stupid, but it’s a lot of fun. The cars have guns, and the drivers are all essentially utilizing wrestling gimmicks.

  • Cars (Franchise)

The Cars movies are frequently criticized by the film industry, especially online, for being the studio’s poorest efforts and lacking the sophistication of many of its other productions. 

They are made to sell toys, which help pay for those other, better projects and provide entertainment for youngsters for a few hours. 

The first and third are respectable racing films. And if you have children, you may watch them together.

  • The Cannonball Run 

A group of people competing in a cross-country vehicle race are the subject of the simple comedy The Cannonball Run. 

Beyond that, there isn’t much to it, but it’s humorous, the racing is good, and the cast is full of game characters.

  • The Transporter 

American settings dominate action movies with heart-pounding auto races. However, the setting of this timeless film starring Jason Statham is a charming French town. 

Jason portrays Frank Martin, a driver who excels in delivering any kind of freight with no questions asked. However, things spiral out of control as he unwisely breaks this cardinal rule one day.

The Transporter is treated differently than previous movies in its genre. This short flick maintains sophistication whereas most action movies of this genre can be a little boisterous; or maybe that’s just the European setting working its magic.


In this post, we’ve listed the top 10 car racing movies and TV shows. You might enjoy seeing this amazing selection of action, thrill, and humor movies if you are a Need for Speed enthusiast.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, which included a quick overview of each movie mentioned above.