Strategic Sustainable Packaging: Integrating Green Practices into Business Strategy

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Written By Charlotte Miller

If there’s something that any eCommerce business should be incorporating into their business practices, it’s sustainability. From the way that you travel to the way that you ship your products, you’re leaving a carbon footprint with almost anything you do as a business. So, wherever you could have better sustainability practices, the better. Here are a few things to look into for better green strategies and sustainable packaging:

Learn what works

As you revisit the way that you ship your products, you may be looking at new types of packaging that are more sustainable and better for your consumers. However, it’s important that you also take the time to research and do accelerated aging testing on your products so that you can be confident that you’re using the safest packaging for transportation.

Some products need a specific kind of packaging to keep them safe from the external environment while being shipped, so while there are plenty of sustainable options for packaging, you also have to make sure that it works for your product.

Offer recyclable packaging

Firstly, consider recyclable packaging when looking for a straightforward, sustainable option that works. Make sure you’re looking into options that are truly made from recycled materials that can then be used again for future packaging. Some examples of commonly used recycled packaging include glass, paper, and metal.

Research companies that offer this kind of packaging and see if you can get the best deal for your company’s needs. You can start reward programs for your consumers who are committed to recycling packaging as a step further that helps you implement more sustainable strategies in your company.

Look into unique alternatives

Beyond more traditional sustainable packaging, some unique options could work for you, depending on what your product is. For example, there are edible packaging brands that could not only be a sustainable option for you but also allow you to create a unique feature for your consumers. This is an ideal option for those who offer food products, but it can be used for various types of products. Biodegradable packaging is also a great option, as it is something that can be composted at home.

Fit more into less

Have you ever received a package that had both the external packaging and then so much more? How important is all that packaging at the end of the day? Unless it’s keeping it safe from breaking, does a product really need all that plastic, paper, and bubble wrap there? And if it does, did you know that there are options that are better for the environment that aren’t Styrofoam and bubble wrap? When it comes to improving your packaging, take time to research the sustainable options available on the market today.

It’s good for the environment and for your brand

While changing the way that you package materials may work and also require an investment, you’ll not only be making better moves for the environment, which is always a win, but you’ll also be improving the way that you appeal to your consumers.

People are looking for ways to do better for the planet, so if you’re looking to both create more sustainable strategies while also getting more consumers interested in buying from a sustainable brand, this is a win-win move all around. Brands that practice more sustainable practices are also being rewarded in many states, so look into sustainable reward programs for businesses in your local area.

In Conclusion

Improve your sustainability practices by working with an environmental consultant to come up with green strategies. The more you do for the planet, the better it will be for your brand, your consumers, and the environment. It may take tweaking already-built practices, but the investment of time and potentially money is worth it to become a more sustainable brand.