The Working Mechanism of Humana Medicare Advantage

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Based on a customer service representative of Humana, its networks are regional. All the plans are found with their own specialists, pharmacists, and providers. However, not every person can enjoy the same plan options as they differ based on where a person lives. However, the plan options include PPO (preferred provider organization), HMO (health maintenance organization), PFFS (private fee-for-serve), and SNPs (special needs plans) plans.

Humana Preferred Provider Organization plans tend to be hugely flexible when the matter zeroes on selecting providers. Hence, if you have a preferred provider or many specialists, you will find this plan ideal for you.

Humana Health Maintenance Organization plans permit people to select a healthcare provider who belongs to Humana’s provider network. When people use Humana, they are not required to remain confined to only one provider as they can browse through many providers and choose one they deem fit. The majority of the HMO plans include hearing benefits, prescription coverage, dental benefits, and vision benefits. However, traditional Medicare does not cover them.

Private fee-for-service plans permit people to choose any provider; however, Medicare should have approved the provider, and he should have agreed to the conditions of the people’s plans.

Humana Special Needs Plans cater to people who suffer from the following conditions:

  • People who qualify for both Medicaid and Medicare.
  • People who have been suffering from chronic health conditions.
  • People who live in a long-term care facility.
  • People come across a couple of kinds of Humana SNP plans; the first is Dual-Eligible Special Needs Plans and Chronic Condition Special Needs Plans. Presently, these plans have become confined and are available in only some states of the US.

A person can avail of a plan based on his ZIP code, as the availability of plans varies based on people’s locations. Nearly 3,959 MA plans are obtainable for individual enrollment. Humana serves the beneficiaries of Medicare all across the nation, and some notable companies include Aetna and United Healthcare. Hence, you will come across Aetna Medicare Advantage plans for 2025.

Aetna is a CVS Health company, and it has announced some Medicare products that feature flexible benefit allowances, a lot of choices, simplified prescription drug and medical plans, and a sturdy provider network that supports people’s well-being and health. It includes hearing, vision, and dental benefits for every MA plan. 

Explore some added value

Humana’s MA plans do not cover only the basics; they offer some extra perks that improve their value. Some supplementary benefits people can enjoy are:

  • Vision coverage – This coverage includes opportunities for hearing aids as well as some related services.
  • Dental coverage – It covers various dental care requirements.
  • Tele-health services – With these services, you can access healthcare professionals remotely.
  • Fitness services – The fitness services allow people to get access to fitness programs and, at times, gym memberships too.


If you enroll yourself in Humana’s MA plans for 2025, you will enjoy several benefits. No matter whether you are a person who has transitioned into retirement, a present member, or a new member, you will find that some requirements and deadlines apply to all the categories.