The 3 Ways That Video Games Help Students Get STEM Jobs

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Written By Berry Mathew

Many parents seek to limit how often their child plays video games. Some will even forbid them from playing them completely. It’s often been assumed that there are no benefits to playing video games and there are only negatives associated with them. However, we are slowly realizing that kids that play video games are prepared for STEM jobs later. 

STEM jobs are some of the best paying and fastest growing on the market. Not everybody is suited for tech, but those that are reporting high job satisfaction due to the fact that changes happen a lot and the work never gets boring. In this article, we will go over several ways that video games can help students get a STEM job. 

1 – Problem-Solving

Complex video games require the player to figure out ways to get through the various challenges that are faced during the course of the game. It involves a lot of problem-solving and learning from the mistakes made during the process. Not only do you have to think quickly to resolve immediate problems but you have to plan ahead and create a strategy to be able to beat the bosses. 

This makes it a crucial skill to learn since this is what is needed to be in the tech industry. For instance, if they were to decide on an augmented reality program, later on, they would already have the mindset required to be able to get through it. This is because something like software development is simply a series of problem-solving challenges and basically like trying to solve puzzles. 

The experience that comes from playing a video game has already helped train the brain for many of the scenarios one is likely to face when developing software. Sometimes unorthodox solutions are needed and somebody with video game experience already has the mindset that is compatible with that. 

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2 – The Challenge Makes It Fun

Many video games are not easy. If they were easy then they wouldn’t be much fun. It can be a frustrating experience trying to beat a game since there are always obstacles and setbacks. One wrong move and you’ve lost all the progress that was made. 

This is also what makes it fun, though. People love playing video games precisely because they are not easy. The nice thing is this sets people up for the real world after. To be able to enjoy the challenge is a direct result of playing video games. 

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3 – Cross Disciplines

To problem-solve in a video game, you have to get familiar with concepts from various disciplines. In some scenarios, you may need to use some basic ideas about physics whereas in others you need to use a bit of psychology. 

This directly relates to how you will need to be able to work in just about any tech field. It takes understanding and learning different types of subjects to be good at your chosen STEM profession and stand out.