The best apps to help you study effectively 

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Written By Charlotte Miller

A student’s life has never been easy, and you need effective study practices to help you get through this stressful college life. Here are some of the best applications to help students study effectively. 

iStudiez Pro Legend

Every student needs a planner. This application is one of the most effective in scheduling which can help you as a student to have effective studying. It is available for most platforms of mobile and also present for Windows and Mac computers. The application contracts US study timetable, homework assignments, exams, and your grades. Suppose you update the application with your deadlines. In that case, you’ll never miss out on a class or never get less to attend a meeting because the application will alert you at the right time, and you can even integrate it with Google Calendar. 

My Homework Done

You can reach My Homework Done from any browser application on any device. It’s a vault of knowledge on how to write and solve homework on every subject in the blog, some examples of works, and unique talented writers. They can do what you don’t know how to do or just don’t want to. Try this site to make sure you were looking for it your whole academic life!


After having your schedule in place, the next thing you need is your notes. Notes are a critical part of your study time and academics. Evernote is an app that will allow you to keep all the notes you have organized in one location. It also lets you spice the notes with audio recordings, links, and attachments, making your notes an extravaganza of multimedia. 


The application is only available for Apple users, and it remains one of the most practical applications for anyone that can have access to it. It is best for brainstorming or mapping your mind. The application can utilize several of charts and visual aids to assist you in managing complex information and clarify your process of thinking and go ahead to capture more ideas in the most effective way possible. The application is ideal for those students or working in new disciplines. 

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MyScript Calculator 

Many applications can assist you in calculating equations and formulas, but this is the best one. Research has shown that students can learn better procedures if they write the recipes longhand than using a Calculator. This application will allow you to do that and recognize your handwriting as you write the formula to the screen of your tablet or phone, and it will produce the answer at the end of the procedure.  

Dragon anywhere 

You can use your voice to type in this application because it is a dictation app that is very useful among students. It doesn’t matter whether you are recording your notes or setting them down for your lecture; the application will save all the information as text documents an audio file which you can later edit through voice commands. They do not scan then get exported to Evernote for your convenience. 

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Exam countdown lite

This application is the best for any student who is in the exam season. The simple interface it has will make it so easy for one to log all the upcoming times and dates for the exams, and the application will count down the time to the big moment in minutes, days, weeks, and months. Some students may feel like this could trigger a panic attack in them, but it’s better to face your dragon head-on after knowing exactly how it’s going to look and how long it’s going to take you, then waiting in line to get surprised at the day.