How Photographers Can Monetize Their Unique Skills Through Social Media?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Social media and the billions of people who use it have changed the digital world in a big way over the past decade or so. Not only has it allowed for you to connect and keep up with people all over the world, but also allowed for countless opportunities for people to make money.

Business, influencers, athletes and many others are able to make money through their use of social media. Even photographers are able to monetize their skills via different platforms like Instagram.

But how? What methods can photographers use to make money through social media? Well, that is exactly what this blog post is going to take a closer look at.

Monetize Via Sponsored Posts or Affiliates

A great way to make some money from content, photos or otherwise, is to post affiliate links. Every time someone clicks your links or makes a purchase through it (depending on the agreement), you will get a little kickback from the brand/company whose link you posted.

In addition to using affiliate links, you may also work with some companies on sponsored posts. This is when they will essentially pay you to post or take a photo with their product or service being pictured or mentioned. The amount you make can vary, but huge photographers or influencers can often make thousands from a single post.

Of course, a big part of making sponsored posts is to ensure they are posted and scheduled correctly. The timing of posts can impact how many people see and interact with. If you need some assistance, here’s a summary page for a quality social media scheduler to ensure your content goes up the second you want it to.

Sell Your Photos

This is a very simple method, but very effective at the same time. You could simply take some incredible photos and use your social media page as a portfolio. Interested parties will hopefully see your photos on their feed or while searching specific hashtags, and reach out to buy or license them.

So who will buy your photos? That depends. You could sell them to businesses for advertisements, for their packaging, or even for creators looking for visuals for their content. In most cases, this is done as a way to earn a little side income, as the photos are quite general and easy to take and potentially edit. Make no mistake though, side income can be subject to taxation so you may want to prepare for that in advance by keeping good records, getting accurate estimates with a tax calculator, or even consulting with a financial professional.

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Offer a Specific Paid Service

Offering a paid service that puts your photography skills to the test is another great way to monetize. There are several kinds of photographers you can be, depending on your interests or passions. You can take photos at weddings or events, take pictures of nature or architecture, or even take portraits.

People will often pay you good money to take photos, and plenty of photographers make their earnings this way. Your social media can be used to advertise these services, post customer testimonials, and reach many more potential customers.

Work With Other Influencers

Another great option for those who prefer to take photos and not have to become an influencer themselves, you can partner up with influencers who are more comfortable in front of a camera. You could take a variety of pictures of influencers for their pages or content, and get paid well for it if you know the ins and outs of the industry.

You will not only be paid for taking the photos but may also get credit in the caption, which can help grow your own brand. It may be tough to get large influencers on board early, but with enough hard work and skill, your reputation will certainly improve.

As you can see, there are a variety of different ways that photographers can monetize their skillset on social media. Whether you use one of the methods or multiple, they can be great ways to make more money.

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