The Best Time to Supplement With Collagen Powder 

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Powder supplements can help people reach their goals effectively because of how easy they are to integrate into your daily routines. Protein powder is an awesome way to help you get the right amount of protein no matter the style of workout or training that you are doing. Daily vitamin powders are also a great way to get your day started as you can add them to almost any of your favorite morning drinks.

One powder supplement that has become increasingly popular over the last few years is collagen powder. This incredible supplement claims some impressive health benefits that can fuel your health and fitness journey in powerful ways. While it’s important to supplement where you need it, the timing of when you take a supplement also can play a big role in its effects. 

If you have been curious about what collagen powder is, how it’s good for you, and when are the best times to take it in your daily routine – here is everything you need to know!

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What Are the Benefits of Collagen Powder?

No doubt you have probably already heard of collagen powder as it’s quickly becoming a buzzword in the health and fitness community. One of the unique aspects of collagen is that it functions as a structural protein throughout the body. Not only that, but it’s unique amino acid composition can function as a precursor for synthesizing vital proteins that your body needs. 

The collagen protein is the most abundant protein in the human body, and is classified as a structural protein. One of collagen’s main roles in the human body is the development of cartilage, ligaments, and tendons that support and surround joints. Without collagen, humans wouldn’t enjoy movement the way that they do.

While collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, it starts to depreciate in production as people age. As a person grows older they produce less and less collagen, and that’s why supplemental collagen can be very beneficial. 

Collagen is often times touted as the anti-aging wonder, because its structural properties help to fortify areas that age can affect. As already mentioned, collagen proteins play a huge role in joint health, and as a person ages, their joints will start to weaken or even gain some kind of discomfort. This protein is also important for skin health and plays an important role in skin elasticity and hydration. As people age and their collagen levels depreciate, it becomes noticeable as the skin loosens and forms wrinkles. Collagen strengthens the ability that skin cells have to adhere to each other, which is why this protein can help maintain and support smooth, healthy skin. Studies have found that collagen also reduces melanin production and is therefore used by many as a skin lightening treatment.

With collage being the most abundant protein in the body, it’s no wonder that it interacts with several aspects of health. Things like sleeping patterns, anxiety, brain function, and energy are all affected by collagen. 

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When Is the Best Time to Take Collagen?

Collagen powder is a popular health and fitness supplement for all ages and all levels of activity and exercise. Unlike other supplements like protein, or creatine, which are more geared toward working out, collagen doesn’t have to be taken in tandem with a rigorous exercise schedule. Because collagen can help with so many issues like digestion, sleep, and skin health, it can be a great supplement even if you only exercise moderately. 

Because of this, collagen can fit effectively into any part of your day. While an empty stomach before bed makes it easier for your body to quickly process collagen, you can also make this part of your morning routine, or even put it in your favorite mid-day pick-me-up. Collagen does act as a precursor to creatine, and it can help you feel more energized and strengthened at the gym; however, if you are taking in your gym routine, it’s often advised you mix it with your post-exercise protein.

This is because collagen’s main benefit is that it supports joint health. When your body is recovering from the stress of your workout, collagen can help to give your joints the nourishment and support they need. 

Do You Actually Need a Collagen Supplement?

Supplements play a significant role in the lives of those who need them. Their main purpose is to help people patch up the holes that exist in their daily diets. While it’s possible to get all the nutrition, protein, and collagen you need from meals, this oftentimes isn’t an option for a lot of people. 

Collagen in particular can be gathered from meals, however, it is only derived from animal products like skins and bones. For most people, the knowledge, skill, and time may not be available to get collagen supplemented in this way. Using a high-quality collagen powder throughout your day is a great way to keep your body naturally replenished with the collagen you need.