Wrapped Car Advertising: What is It and Why Do You Need It?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

There are many ways to advertise to your target audience. For example, you can advertise online with pay-per-click ads using Google. Or you can come up with TV ads to show to your target audience members. Alternatively, you can use billboard advertisements or posters you put up on telephone poles or elsewhere in your local city.

But there’s another way to spread marketing messages: wrapped car advertising. Today, let’s break down wrapped car advertising in detail, plus explain why you might consider using this unique advertising factor in the future.

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Wrapped Car Advertising Explained

Wrapped car advertising, in a nutshell, involves placing decals or stickers over a car or truck. Vehicle decals are specifically designed not to damage a car’s paint or wax job. This allows you not only to keep driving your car while it still looks great but also ensures you can swap out different wraps or decals depending on your advertising needs or other factors.

Once your chosen advertising vehicle is adorned with the right stickers or wraps, people see the advertisements on the surface as it drives around. Example wrapped car advertising decals include:

  • Logo stickers for a brand or company
  • Advertising slogans
  • Images of happy customers
  • And more

In most cases, wrapped car advertising doesn’t include classic commercials. Instead, it usually includes images and graphics similar to those found on billboards. These images usually include one or two items, plus a brand name and logo with a simple message and a call to action or phone number.

How Wrapped Car Advertising Works

Wrapped car advertising works just by bringing advertisements in front of the eyes of potential consumers.

A vehicle with advertising decals drives in front of people while at a stoplight, for example. Then people walking across the street see the advertisements and are made aware of the brand as a result.

Alternatively, wrapped car advertising can work while the car is in motion. A driver, for instance, might see an advertisement on a wrapped car in front of it. While stuck in traffic, the driver has no choice but to ponder the company, which helps them keep that brand in mind if they ever need a service or product which the company provides.

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Why is Wrapped Car Advertising Effective?

There are lots of reasons why brands leverage wrapped car advertising. Let’s break these down one by one.

It’s Targetable

For starters, wrapped car advertising is very targetable. You can use advertising stickers or decals on specific vehicles while you take those cars to specific places. For instance, if you have a small business, you should absolutely use an advertising sticker on your work truck. That way, people around your work area see your truck and might consider giving your small business a call later.

Targeted advertising is excellent for small businesses since it is usually very cost-effective. You don’t have to waste money advertising to people who are unlikely to make a purchase from your brand at all.

It’s Affordable

Speaking of cost-effectiveness, wrapped car advertising is generally affordable. You can go with a full wrap for a vehicle or a partial wrap, depending on your budget, or just slap a few cheap stickers over your vehicle’s surface and get the job done.

In other words, you can tailor your marketing budget to your needs and limitations with wrapped car advertising.

It’s Flexible

On top of those benefits, wrapped car advertising is incredibly flexible. As noted earlier, the stickers and decals used for wrapped car advertisements can be taken off and swapped out fairly easily. You can keep your advertising vehicles looking fresh and exciting or put new advertisements on their surfaces when you release new products, switch to a new office, or have some other major announcement you want to make the public aware of.

It Boosts Brand Awareness

Above all else, wrapped car advertising is effective because it passively boosts brand awareness. As people see your wrapped vehicle, they become more aware of your brand even if they don’t plan to make a purchase just then.

The more ubiquitous your company seems in the local market, the more traffic you’ll get and the more likely you’ll make a profit. Bolstering brand awareness is majorly important for small businesses or brands that need to build up their customer bases ASAP.


All in all, wrapped car advertising could be among the most effective marketing tools in your kit, even if you’ve never used this advertising strategy before. When leveraged properly, wrapped car advertising can spread word of your brand far and wide, advertise more directly to your target demographics, and provide other advantages.

Therefore, why not consider using wrapped car advertising as soon as possible? Try a few wrapped car ads soon and you might consider advertising with this method more frequently!